Truth Against the World

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photojournal Three

Zen 3 wheelin' with his trike

last years chicken run.  I planted purple corn in a spiral.


Archimedes the Rooster

The Hugel Bed compiled this March

there are 5 pepper plants, two strawberry plants, lavender, spearment, a blueberry plant, dill, borage, chervil, lemon balm, and some leaf lettuce all growing in the hugel well as marigolds and a wild flower mix (a lot of that is still underground having not sprouted due to soil temperature). 

Beneath the bed is an entire maple tree and last years Christmas tree...I dug down, it's already settled to half the size it was when first compiled

That's me next to the fire pit and one of the various 55 gallon drums that collect from the overfill from the 500 gallon cistern

This is a guild of zucchini in the center, dent corn around that and then black beans saved from 2010

habanero, jalapeno, several type of cayenne, thai peppers, poblano, purple bell, and a couple other obscure varieties that I can't remember right now

Zen playin' "stay on the rocks."  A game I invented to keep my pepper seedlings alive

One of the few tomato plants still alive after transplanting a couple of weeks ago from seed starts in the house.  We planted too early this always

Nice face the holy water receptacle (rain water)

Zen blessing dad's "pants." 

Compost central...all manner of experimentation going on behind those weeds and rummaged scrap architecture.  There are road side pallets, a fence from our house in Rock HIll, and 1969 Airstream wood.

The newest member of the family "Pepper."  She's half daschmund, 1/4 pomeranian, and 1/4 Jack Russel...she's a great chicken dog

more scavenged refuse composing a chicken run.  For about 6 months that door was standing there by itself opening and shutting in the breeze...I put two 4X4's in the ground with a post hold digger and then affixed that old screen door to it.

Zen meditating

He's been learning all about Ants lately...he's mesmerized by them

At the edge of his garden where he's growing spearmint...very successfully as I might add


William Hunter Duncan said...

Like Father, Like Son, in that one pic with that look. LOL

Nice trailers, in the background. Yer neighbors must think you all are some kind of hicks, with all them chickens.LOL

Methinks them corn plants are gonna turn into question marks, with all them beans - if they are climbers. In which case, help them out with the sex part ;)

That maple tree makes it look like you didn't dig that hole deep enough, PHD. :)

Otherwise, the makings of an enchanted garden. Rare in them parts. Keep up the great work! Looking Joyward to lush midsummer pics, with little Tribann in the mix!

Luciddreams said...

William, funny you say that about the look. GM told me that that look is similar to the "WTF Aaron look," as GM calls it. Apparently Zen makes this look that I make exactly, and it makes people feel like I want them to eat shit and die, and I have no idea I'm making it. Never knew WTF until I saw my son make I get it, and I know what the look means, and it's not eat shit and die, it's "what the fuck are you talking about."'s funny

No, my neighbors are country ass folk...just like me...and we're in critter country so there ain't shit they can do about it.

Far as the corn and beans...I'm gonna thin...don't get your panties in a wad.

Believe me, you don't see what I buried under that hugel bed. There's a fuckin' dragon under there...okay, an entire fucking dragon that I hunted and killed heroically. Don't worry...I won't be building any castles there. ;0)

I'll give you those picks with Tribann in the mix brother...I promise.