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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Harper Tribann McCarty

In Case you are squeamish you should just skip the first two pics here.  The first two pics are of the placenta.  I was given a lesson by Linda, the amazing midwife that blessed us through Harper Tribann's birth.  He was literally born in the caul, the chorion was still intact.  Just before his head exited the vaginal canal Linda was able to see the hairs on the top of Harper's head swaying in the amniotic fluid.  It is a very rare event that can't happen in the hospital due to the "surgeon" breaking the amniotic sack as a matter of protocol while inducing labor.  I'm going to stop writing now because this is a photo blog and I fully intend on writing a blog on the amazing experience that was Harper Tribann McCarty's birth...and my wife turning into a goddess before my very eyes while birthing our second son naturally, with no epidural...just her and the primordial dance that is child birth done nature intended it to be.  Expect more here at Epiphany Now about the rare experience of natural birth in a "first world" country...whatever the fuck that means.  

Tribann's placenta

This is the side that Tribann saw while in the womb. 

If it had been 911 I would have shit a chicken

The midwife took this pic cause apparently women can't help themselves when a big hairy man holds a baby ;0)

right at an hour after he left his mother's Eden

Harper Tribann

First family pic

Harper's first daddy nap...he has a proclivity towards sleeping on my chest...probably likes to listen to my loud heart beat

Zen and Dad

He's convinced he's in the womb...blissfully

May 20th...a day after birth

another dad nap...yesterday he laid on my chest, on the couch, for 5 hours...I didn't move my torso for five hours...he knows my scent now

Aunt Macey giving Zen some special let him know that he's still special

First chords

Aunt Macey and Tribann

Zen gettin' his party blow out "Copper River" food that Aunt Macey indulged us with

what does this Zen expression say?

First family photo...Pepper, our dog, was in the pics just before this on my father's camera

I love this pic...both sides have Cherokee...


Jason Heppenstall said...

Well, all I can say is congratulations!

Great name, BTW.

ps capcha is 'marvel'

monsta said...

Congrats on the new child. Like Zen, Tribann seems to have your eyes.

Tell GM that I said hi and wish her all the best.

William Hunter Duncan said...

Welcome, Tribann!

(that's quite the belly on da', btw. lol)

Congrats, GM, Zen. What a blessing. Thanks for the pics, LD.


8+1+1 = 10


Luciddreams said...

thanks to all for the kind words, and William, that's my winter poundage. Happens every year cause I don't dig holes in the winter.