Truth Against the World

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ayden's Inaugural Camp

 There are a lot of pictures I should have included in this photoblog.  It's been a while since I've posted one of these.  So these pics are from one memory card from one day of taking pictures from one day in the life of the McCarty clan.  I've been busy outside, dancing with nature lately while fathering my children, and so too busy to write much.  But I trust these pictures say all that needs to be said.  So I'll let them say it (although I do add words as captions...mostly because I can't help myself...I have a guilty love affair with words). 
Ayden picked this flower from the hugel bed, presented it to his mother, and then she saw a heart in it...see the heart?

Hugel bed two still being concocted.  All mulch and wood comes from the county dump by the truck load.  As in, I go to the dump and fork each load into my truck. 

Several days into the moult

Chicken chillin' I suppose

Harper Tribann McCarty

Bo Beppa and me inspecting the Tribann Aji Amerillo plant

This North West facing bed, that completes the Tribann my garden is arranged in, upgraded for fall with a fresh load of mulch

This Habanero plant has two Habaneros on was ripped out of the ground in late spring and transplanted into the NW bed, I reckon that bitch is gonna be hot...and I've learnt that peppers like to be smacked around.

Tribann's foreskin is buried beneath this plant...Aji Amerillo turning orange and picking up strong citrus overtones in the ripening process

A 19th century coal burning stove in the North bed

my attempt to keep the chickens off the bed long enough for some winter rye and hairy vetch to far so good

The new south east to north earth hugel bed land bridge

this blueberry plant was transplanted here, in the South East Hugel bed in late's managed to survive the hugel bed succession which is amazing

 Cayenne almost dried on the plant

Aji Amerillo just about dried on the plant


"PooPoo Maters" that volunteered themselves in last years humanure pile growing next to polk salate berries (which are poisonous).  I find the juxtaposition of perfect sun warmed tomatoes growing next to a plant which is poisonous to humans to be deeply satisfying on many levels.   

compost alley overrun by nature...I listened, adapted, and moved my compost operation elsewhere

My message to the future...television was here

Floating Zen Head (his name is Gaelic and literally translated into "little fire" from my understanding of the moniker at least

See Ayden Zen?

Zen's first camp in the back garden

I love how the light is competing in this picture.  Nature appears to be winning
And a "good night" from Ayden Zen from his tent, at the end of the universe.  His first tent...I bought it when I was 16 years old and backpacked in it all over the United States until Wendy and I got married and purchased a new backpacking tent.  Now it's Ayden's tent.  Proof that if you buy quality gear and take care of it, it will last for generations.