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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eustace Conway

You've likely never heard of Eustace Conway or his Turtle Island Preserve before. Mr. Conway is a very unique individual whom has much to teach those of us concerned with how to thrive in a post-petroleum future. Mr. Conway never really joined society, preferring to remain embraced by nature. At 17 he moved into a Native American style teepee and lived in it for 17 years. At 18 he walked across the U.S. on the Appalachian Trail and shortly after that canoed from the North to the South. He also rode a horse across the United States from the east coast to the west coast twice. There are not many people like Eustace Conway that have been born to a first world country. Around 20 years ago he bought 1000 acres in Appalachia. He then turned that land into the "Turtle Island Preserve" with the explicit purpose of teaching others how to live on the bounty of nature. For the last 20 years he's been doing just that. Recently the Matrix has decided to zero in on his strength to make a very important statement about what will and will not be tolerated in today's America.

Recently the NC county bureaucracy, in which Turtle Island is located, has decided that after 20 years of operation Mr. Conway is to be shut down due to building codes. Mr. Conway has been working with the county inspectors for 20 years with no problems. He's had to make sacrifices to keep his preserve and vision alive. He's had to abide ridiculous things like not allowing the children of the preserve to drink raw milk, and not allowing them to eat the chickens he's raised and slaughtered. Apparently it's acceptable to the county for him to teach the kids how to slaughter and butcher the chickens, but not to eat them. I'm sure there's a gaggle of more such nonsense that he's had to put up with over the years.

One day, not to long ago, several county departments showed up on his land, unannounced, and unwelcome with a search warrant. The zoning code enforcement assholes, the tax collector, the health department, and every other waste of tax payer money department showed up to find cause to shut him down. This on account of an anonymous "somebody" who supposedly anonymously called the building code office to complain about how Mr. Conway was minding his own damn business on his own damn land. At that point they had to get every county department together to go violate the illusion of Mr. Conway's civil and constitutional rights. They shut him down because he was "open to the public" even though he wasn't. The entrance to his secluded 1000 acre track of Appalachia has a gated entrance with a large sign that says "no trespassing." Their idiotic reasoning for him being "open to the public" is because Mr. Conway has apprentices that live on his property, and apparently this makes them the public. In order for the "public" to arrive at the preserve they have to fill out an application and be accepted by Mr. Conway. It goes without saying that these people want to be there. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Conway's preserve is not open to the public any more than my asshole is. But the counties Orwellian double think standards of governance assert that private land is open to the public, and they are using this cockamamie gobbledegook as ammo to put an end to Mr. Conways primitive living school. Watauga county has opened it's pie hole and allowed odious stupid to ooze out all over this gentle and responsible man's freedom.

It's clear to me that this is not about endangering the consenting non-public adults and their children whom arrive at the preserve by choice to learn primitive living skills. This is about setting a new precedence for what is and is not going to be accepted by the New American Gestapo. The truth is that freedom and liberty are not acceptable to the gears of Big Brother bureaucracy. The Matrix will not abide individuals who do not need the Matrix. The problem is not that Mr. Conway has remained unplugged from the Matrix for his entire life. The problem is that he is teaching other's how to unplug and to stay unplugged. He teaches people how to live in harmony with the unmitigated wealth of nature. He's being persecuted for the same reason the 19th century American government rounded up all of the Native Americans and put them into camps. Tribal people cannot be controlled by Big Brother because they need nothing from him. They don't need EBT, Snap, unemployment, debit cards, jobs, health insurance, or a mortgage. They don't need anything from the government. And what would happen if a lot of people caught on and decided to learn to live this way?
According to Watauga county, Mr. Conway's dog house is a building, and therefore it requires electricity and plumbing. A dog house! Does your dog have electricity and plumbing in his plastic igloo? His buildings are built according to old world standards. They are built on foundations of rock and held up with whole trees rather than flimsy pine sticks used in standard construction. His buildings are made to survive through generations of use with quality as their guiding principal of construction. If the point of building codes are to ensure quality buildings that are worth caring about, esthetically pleasing, durable, strong, and made to last, than the bureaucratic goons can learn a lot from Mr. Conway's buildings. On the other hand, if the point of those codes is nothing more than governmental control of the people, than they are succeeding admirably. The fact is, this is not about building codes, it's about freedom and liberty and ensuring that there is none left in these failed states of America.

The Matrix has zeroed in on Mr. Conway because he is one of the strongest links in the self reliant chain of America. Freedom will not be tolerated in today's America. It will be squashed beneath the wheel of "democracy." The same democracy we've been spreading via the faceless drone strikes that mangle and kill innocent women and children over there. The same democracy that demands that you get in line and appreciate the poison that's killing all life on Earth. The poisonous food and the poisonous medicine. The state sponsored plague that's acidifying our oceans, polluting our fresh water, and filling our mother's wombs with hundreds of man made chemicals. The digibits that suck the wealth out of every corner of the world on account of spreading misery and suffering to every sentient being on planet Earth. Mr. Conway's way of being in the world is the antidote to all of the destruction that the governments of the world are ensuring we continue inheriting.

If we all sat down and listened to this beautiful and gentle man's message than we would begin to heal all of the rot that has hollowed out the soul of America and the human spirit. Mr. Conway teaches how to live in harmony with the natural world. He teaches how to make fire with sticks, medicine out of plants, buildings out of stone and tree, and strong humans out of nothing more than dirt, sun, and rain water. He teaches how to live independent from the Matrix and it's controlling hologram. It is clear that our government does not want this type of person spreading this type of message. It does not fit into the destructive paradigm brought to you by mindless bureaucratic goonery. Goonery that we complacently accept as it's shoved up our asses without abandon, and as it splooges it's vile incompetence in the face of planetary health.

Nothing is going to change the course our civilization is on if you don't. The world is running out of the fossil fuel energy that is responsible for the 7 billion of us in existence now. We need to be embracing and learning from the Eustace Conway's of the world rather than allowing them to be silenced. Why should we allow this to go on? If Mr. Conway's preserve is to be shut down, than we might as well all get on with our Soma shots and get in line for the two minutes hate. We might as well embrace the Newspeak Dictionary and accept that freedom is slavery, love is hate, and medicine is poison. We might as well go to the Ministry of Health to get our chemotherapy ahead of the cancer that we've become. Mr. Conway, and those like him, are the cure to the hologram. Yet we get together and yell at the gargantuan telescreen that dictates what is and is not acceptable about reality. The least you can do is click here and sign the petition to call the dog's off of Eustace Conway. More importantly you should care before they show up to your house to tell you how your liberty will not be tolerated. If we allow this to go on than there truly is no hope for our species.


Surly1 said...

Well done, LD. The more we can fan the flames of this injustice, the better.

Steve Carrow said...

Nope, never heard of him. Sounds like a place I would want to experience. Read the info, signed the petition yesterday.

Steve Carrow said...
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Anonymous said...

"Tribal people cannot be controlled by Big Brother because they need nothing from him. They don't need EBT, Snap, unemployment, debit cards, jobs, health insurance, or a mortgage. They don't need anything from the government."

Do you have any idea at all what you're talking about? Obviously not, since you seem blissfully unaware of the many billions of dollars the government shovels to the Indian tribes every year and we have even more tribes lining up to get official recognition so they can get in on the gravy train, too. Native Americans, for the most part, are totally dependent on the government for everything.

Luciddreams said...

hey're an idiot.

WTF are you talkin' about? Our government landed in the "new world" began evicting the "savages" from a world that was not new to them...but home for generations.

What Natives are now is ravaged by hundreds of years of genocide and shit like the Trail of Tears.

There are natives that aren't native to N. America you know. So WTF are you talkin' about?