Truth Against the World

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photojournal 4

Zen's outside toy box...swales and berms that I made during a session of hole diggin' therapy

Originally planted this oregano by seed at our other house...this is it's third location

There's four strawberry plants in there...I promise

Trinidad pepper seeds are hopefully germinating in that spiral...2.2 million scoville...hottest pepper currently on the least officially

Bee Balm in it's second year of's already doubled in size this season

Another hole diggin' session

The Hugel bed

 The next series of pics are all from the Hugel bed.
Hugel Bed

One of the many pepper plants growing in the Hugel Bed


Blue Berry

There is Dill in there...

See the Dill

A volunteer gourd along side a strawberry plant

I'm standing on the top of the hugel bed in a grassy patch...the grass seed came from the horse manure that ended up in a compost pile I used in constructing the hugel least it ain't Bermuda

Another pepper plant


I think lavender is an amazingly beautiful plant...I can feel the energy from that plant when I'm near it

Pepper hugging the pepper plant I was trying to photograph
 That's all of the pics I took from plants growing in the hugel bed, and there are a lot more plants in there.
a bunch of hills with tomato, corn, zucchini, black beans, cilantro, cucumber, and gourds

Corn, zucchini, black bean guilds

Dent corn...the type of corn used for making tortillias

My little vixen in the hugel bed lookin' for strawberries to eat

This last year's chicken run that was attacked by my shovel during several hole diggin'/earth movin' sessions

Red Potatoes growing in a spiral along with red corn


black eyed peas, crook neck squash, and cucumber

This was the best soil right near the entrance to the's a big swale now cause I used the perfect chicken shit soil to make the hills


hard to see the corn still, but it's to the left of the taters growing on the other side of the swale in a spiral as well

here you can see the corn

Archimedes and his bitches

I threw down a handful of scratch and within 10 seconds Archimedes had all of his hens on location

Inside the salvage chicken house

Eggmahal which is made out of 1969 airstream chickens got mahogany pillars to go with the chicken shit

Arkansas Traveler mater plant