Truth Against the World

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Insane Sanity and Corporate Sponsored Lobotomies

Entrance Into the Debt Servant Shell Game

I feel like I'm losing my mind because of the friction between how the world filters into my awareness and what the world requires of me. I say I'm a realist with idealist's fantasies and an optimistic pessimist. In other words I'm a contradiction in this world. It's not so much that I'm a contradiction as it is that the world is insane and calls that insanity sanity. That's the first deceit of society. If one is to swallow that untruth and then forget about it than one has effectively swallowed the end of their own consciousness. When O'brien asked Winston how many fingers he was holding up, O'brien believed his own lie. To be acclimated into society requires one to believe that contradictions are not contradictions which is why they need Newspeak and Doublethink. When they tell us that the economy is getting better they are lying. It's not getting better. When they tell you that the terrorist want to rape your family, burn down your house and torture your dog, they are lying. Only they don't even know that they are lying because they believe their own lies. The economy can't get any better because fiat currency requires infinite growth and infinite growth is not possible on a world that is finite. Terrorist don't care about you and your family (although admittedly they may want to burn down your house now because your government burned down their house, and they may want to torture you now because your government tortured them). The point is to be afraid and then trust Big Brother to take care of you. Without Big Brother you would not be able to make it in this world.

All of this bounces around in my head and constantly assaults my sanity. It's true, I know that, and because I'm not willing to let go of the truth I will be driven mad. All I have to do is succumb, take a pill, resistance is futile. I'm a Prole trying to live a Party Member's life. Things do not bring me happiness. I can't be bout off with electronic wizardry and petroleum fueled toys. Freedom brings me happiness, and I'm not talking about the plastic freedom we have in this country, and my freedom is not now, nor has it ever been willingly for sale. And I'm not talking about the freedom to choose which fast food feeding lot to wheel your fat ass through, or what channel to watch on the telescreen to assist in your mind numbing digital lobotomy. I'm talking about the freedom that comes when you are not beholden to any entity. The freedom that allows you to change your life without fear of financial ruin. The freedom to point at ineptitude, incompetence, and stupidity and call it by it's name and not some cherry picked, corrupt euphemism. Euphemisms are just socially accepted perpetuation of denial. A society in service of euphemisms is a society in service of mental masturbation. They jack us off with euphemism after euphemism.

Why should we work 70 and 80 hours a week just to make it? Why should we sacrifice our waking life to line the man's pocket with gold? Why can't everybody just work 20 hours a week and make a living wage doing it? If we all worked 20 hours a week there would be work for everybody and we would all have all the time we would need for leisure and enjoyment. There is no reason why this can't be the case. No good reason at least. Instead of this our society thinks that 1% of the population should have 50% of the wealth and do nothing for it, the bottom of society doesn't have to work at all and gets a check in the mail, and the middle part works 80 hours a week to make a house payment and have healthcare. Looks to me like the middle is doing all of the work and getting neither wealth nor time for it. The bottom and the top is bleeding the middle for all it's worth. And what is the middles response to this non-sense...the protestant work ethic. The idea that if you just work hard enough for long enough you will one day get wealth and time. If you work enough hours you'll get what the top and bottom of society are getting for nothing. That is if you are lucky enough to not have a heart attack caused by fast food and complications between your allopathic poisons in pill form. We are debt slaves.

Your Moral Obligation (never mind the bailouts)

The mortgage is how they trap us in this rat race for petroleum sugar. What is the consequence of walking away from a mortgage? Financial ruin is. If you had a well intentioned cosigner on the mortgage, say a parent who thought this slavery was a good idea, the bank may be within their right to come after the parents property as well. Also the bank will sue you in court and place a lien on your future prosperity, and the IRS will tax you for the difference between what the house sales for at auction and what you owe. The IRS considers this income and taxes it accordingly. In today's world there is a very good chance that another consequence will be not being able to get hired because employers are now running credit on potential employees and using their credit as a yard stick for character and employability. 

 All of these consequences for what? Deciding that you needed to move. Nobody would buy your house because you got shanghaied by a bunch of corrupt inspectors, realtors, lawyers, and bankers. Your house is worth $30,000 less then you paid for it because of something economist expect us to apply to reality called a "housing bubble," and now your going to spend the next 30 years paying ten times what you agreed to buy the house for because of a bunch of lawyer print. Meanwhile due to the inspector and realtor lying their asses off to your young, inexperienced, and gullible ass, you sign the lawyers tome of paper that's lacquered with millions of words composing sentences that the lawyers can't even explain. Later, while your slaving away for the man, in order to make the house payment and fix the broken house you just bought, you realize that you have been bamboozled by a bunch of crooks. This is where it get's interesting. Because society says that it's your responsibility and moral obligation to service the bamboozle. Nevermind the 2 trillion dollars that the bank got in free digital money to assist in their obligations. They are too big to fail, and "you ain't shit jack, so shut your mouth and punch that clock."

So a whole troupe of snakes in the grass collectively ambushed your youthful ignorance. You bought into the lies that the telescreen had been telling you your entire life. The lies that society had been telling you. The lies that everybody in your life had been telling you. You bought into the idea that giving up your freedom for a place to live was a good idea. That's what you were supposed to do. Buy a house, have a family, work, and live the American dream. What part of owning a home is the American Dream anyways? Why is it a necessary part of "making it," or happiness for that matter. Even when you own a home you don't own it. You still have to pay taxes on it, and if the government decides they want it they can give you half of what it's worth and take it via imminent domain. Where is the security in that? How is that making it or happiness? And what is the price you pay for this deal? You agree that if you can't make ends meet than you will be financially ruined. They will destroy your credit and make it harder for you to find work. All of this because you were essentially taken advantage of by your society.

Question is, should you walk away? Morally you are well in the right to do so. A bunch of greedy crooks lied to you, society lied to you, the government lied to were lied to. None of that matters now. It's too late for you because you were the sucker. Now society says that you should spend the rest of your life paying for the fact that you were taken advantaged of and lied to. You should sacrifice the rest of your waking life to pay for this lie. Is a runaway slave ever wrong for escaping?

The Broken Mold and Insane Sanity.

Becoming a father does not negate anything written above. All of what I have said is still true. The difference is that now I have a son to provide for. Question is, what does "provide for" mean? It goes without saying that food and shelter are first and foremost. The love for a child will not allow for anything less than the child's physical needs being met. That love will endure slavery to provide those things. But what about the pursuit of truth? What of the esoteric idea that without helping oneself first, one can help nobody else. The log that Jesus was talking about. The whole point of Buddhism, or any other spiritual practice for that matter. These things don't only apply to lonely individuals with no family to think about. The pursuit of truth is the most important aspect of consciousness. One has to be free to pursue and follow through with these truths.

Am I to teach my son that acquiescence to the Corporatocracy's design is first and foremost? Am I to teach him that what you find to be true does not matter because it won't put food on your plate and a roof over your head? Am I to teach him to ignore the truth because it's not worth the psychological bother to wrestle with the insanity of society? Am I to teach him that the most important thing is to do what he is told by his corporate masters? Am I to be a good example for him and give up on my responsibility to service my soul in order to be a good consumer? Should I teach him that sacrificing your waking life for a house and good credit is of the utmost importance when servicing the debt slavery that is 21st century America? Should I teach him that staying out of trouble is vastly more important than living the truth? Should I tell him that signing a piece of paper might mean you are signing away your freedom, but you will never know which paper will take your freedom until its gone, but you have to sign or else they won't permit your participation in society? Should I tell him that truth, freedom, and spirit only matter when they are convenient and will provide for socially accepted and comfortable outcomes, but never when they mean pain and suffering for yourself and your family? What good would I even be to him if misery is my life because I'm living a lie? Why does being responsible mean living a lie?

Society does not agree with my message. Yet still I maintain it's truth. Against the grain and with as much resistance as I can find, I steadfastly refuse to believe that I am wrong in my assessment of society. The writing is on the wall. Without my willful assimilation there will not be a normal end to this struggle. The mold was broken when they made me. They fixed the mold and somehow forgot to destroy the broken product. Here I am. Struggling to fit back into a mold that I can't possible fit into. My brain has to be re-wired to fit me in. I have to check in at the doctor's office to get my mandatory, non-mandatory, chemical lobotomy that will enable me to stop caring about the truth and start servicing my corporate slave driving masters. I won't be able to sacrifice my son's life on the man's sacred alter of debt profit. I suppose the tragedy is that the mold was broken on January 22nd 1980 at around 1300 hrs. My life has made this truth abundantly clear. There is no hope in debt slavery. That's why we need all of those euphemisms and the process of doublethink. False hope is not hope, it's a lie. My hope is that the system crashes to the ground before the scheduled date for my lobotomy, cause I'm not going to show up Jack. Not so that you can suck the life out of me. My life's not cheap, and I'm going to figure out a way to escape your prison, and my families comin' with me. The hallucinated hologram control matrix paradigm architecture has a fault and I'm going to find it, and when I do you won't be hearing from me ever again. You can keep your insane sanity.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Disappear Completely

How can one be in the world but not of it? More precisely, is it possible to work for the proverbial Man, have a house payment, a wife, and a child, and not be subject to all of the machinations that dominate domestic society? Is it possible to be tethered to society by these responsibilities and still remain fundamentally free and healthy? Is there anything more important than the day to day mental, physical, and spiritual health of yourself and your family? Is there still room in the reality we have fashioned for such things as idealism? What does it even mean to be free anymore? Does the right to say and think what you want in the privacy of your own home qualify as freedom now? Are we going to be honest with ourselves about all of these things, or are we going to just continue business as usual?

As the economy continues imploding from the weight of limitless digital currency, as liquid fossil fuel energies become more and more bleak, and as climate change continues threatening everybody's real security (as in a roof over your head, not fear of Al Queefa and Friends), and as our world grows more toxic attempting to maintain all of this business as usual, we continue loosing any semblance of freedom because we are too afraid of impoverishment and third world lifestyles. Fear has grown to dominate every facet of modern civilization. We are afraid of loosing our irreplaceable service jobs and therefore becoming economic non-persons without a house, good food to eat, or health care. We continue servicing business as usual because we see no other option.

Why should our families have their security sacrificed for true freedom? Does true freedom even exist? Has it ever been more than just an idealist's wet dream? The only thing that gives freedom in this world is money, and money is the root of all evil, so in order to be free you must at the very least service evil. In order to have security you have to service the evil men that keep this rotten wreckage we pass of as civilization creaking along. Don't think for one second that if you live in the first world you are good, you aren't. You can be good if you ignore the real suffering that is going on in the very real third world shit holes that keep your way of life viable. To be completely honest, just about anything you do for money in this country is contributing to the insanity that is this mess. Something that would appear noble and altruistic in this country is going to be rotten by default because of all of the suffering that this system perpetuates. Why is it that we can so easily ignore this fact? You know that your clothing is being manufactured by true third world slaves working for nothing more than a roof, water, and sustenance.  It's not a secret to anybody.  

As true as the above insight is, it doesn't help at all where our freedom is concerned. I would gladly give up this deceitful, hallucinated hologram, mental control paradigm dragnet for a hut that provided shelter in a land that was not overran with toxicity. I would rather work at sustainability in a village than provide service to the hologram. At least I would be free from day to day. By free I mean not beholden to any man for toxic payment. I wouldn't have to grovel on the Man's asphalt roadway of destruction for a house that requires the grid, allopathic remedy’s for diseases caused by poisonous food and allopathic remedy's for the allopathic remedies for get the point, and let's not forget about the pill to help me deal with the sale of my soul in service of corruption, evil, and greed. Joe Bageant knew all of this too well. He was stuck in the system just like the rest of us and was only able to leave it, to redeem his soul, in the last few years of his life. I want to leave the hologram so bad that at times I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed, yet now I have a wife and child to care for.

I could make a strong case that I'm doing my family more harm by keeping them in the hologram. If only there were an escape plan! Unfortunately I believe the hologram has now just about covered every inch of the globe. I fear that there is no escape plan possible any longer. At this point the best one could do would be what Joe did, move to a third world that is relatively not toxic. Allopathic remedy's may be needed in a system where every aspect of life is truly poisonous, but not so much if one can escape most of those sources of poison. In all reality, allopathic becomes homeopathic in our civilizations diseased house of cards. If homeopathy is treating disease with agents that cause the same symptoms as the disease, then modern allopathic remedies are homeopathy given that we use poison to treat diseases caused by poison. If you think that the animal products produced by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, genetically modified vegetables grown with petroleum based chemicals, hundreds of corn based products such as the ubiquitous Petroleum Sugar, and pharmaceuticals that have worst side effects than the original disease constitutes health, than you have completely lost touch with the meaning of healthy. Why do we condone all of this madness? How did it get to this point? We should all be collectively outraged at the morbid evil of it all. What is keeping this poisonous wreckage moving? Can't you feel anything any longer? Have you been out of touch with goodness and common sense for so long that you can't even recognize it any longer? Is this all not a source of angst and sorrow for you?

So how does freedom fit into all of this rambling? I wonder what a Muslim in a MENA country would have to say about freedom right now? What would the third world slave have to say about it? The Muslim would probably say that he just wants to see his 20 year old female neighbor in a bikini and be able to drink a beer while chewing the fat about how messed up his government is without the fear of torture. The slave would probably say they would just like free water that isn't loaded with industrial chemicals to drink and something more than some beans to eat. For them, that is enough freedom because it's better than what they have now. 

 I say that I would like to have the freedom to not contribute to all of this hidden suffering while still maintaining a lifestyle for myself and my family that is safe, comfortable, and healthy. At least within reason. Safe being not having to worry about anthropogenic climate change wrecking my home; comfortable being not having to work for another man's greed, and healthy being not having to worry about GMO, MSG, petroleum sugar, and cancer causing treatments passed off as medicine. No, we are not free. We are free to make trivial decisions like what television show to watch or what fast food fry pit to buy some foodotainment from. Free to chose what distraction we want to concern ourselves with so as not to concern ourselves with truths like what I'm writing about now. These things are all just too depressing for most people to internalize.

I think even if the majority of society wanted to know the truth it probably wouldn't do any good. I'm a realist with idealistic fantasies. An optimistic pessimist. What I am can be labeled all sorts of ways, but in the end I'm in service of all things true. I'm not in denial about the fact that I have been participating in this evil hologram for my entire life. I'm not pointing the finger at anybody and saying you are wrong. I'm pointing my finger at all of us and saying that we are wrong. I'm wrong too, and it causes me great distress to continue contributing to it while knowing all along what I am contributing to. I want the freedom to not contribute to it any longer. Sacrificing all of my time to continually navigate the hologram successfully is beginning to gnaw at my soul.

Our souls are not deceived by the holograms trickery. There will be a price to pay for all of this apathy, complacency, and contribution to suffering. The point is to put a stop to the devastation in your own life. If I could go back in time I would leave the hologram and find some place like Joe Bageant found in Belize, or South America maybe. I would move somewhere where I could live a subsistence lifestyle out of the Man's grasp. Where my time would be my own. Where I would make real sacrifices for my fellow man and live a life that is slow and in touch with the natural cycles of nature. I don't think it's impossible to find this on Earth now, but it's probably pretty damn close to it. The corporations typically don't allow that type of thing because there must be resources to live a subsistence lifestyle. As in trees, clean water, and chemical free soil. If you are young and untethered, run away from the hologram. At least you will be able to sleep at night with a clean conscious knowing that you aren't participating in the consumer rot. You aren't participating in the passive aggressive madness that makes slaves sacrifice their lives for you so that you can buy cheap toilet seats and generally service the Man and his gargantuan ego and his bank account.
What Our Masters Look Like
I don't know what the answer is for me at this moment in time. I can hear the Man scratching at the gossamer screen door that is all that's left separating my soul from his shackles. My entire life has been mainly just trying to make my way without worshiping money. I've lived my life being mostly true to myself, but unfortunately I was to young and stupid to listen to enough of the wisdom available to me in time to do something in identify and then leave the hologram. I suppose all that's left is to get back on the road that leads to my salvation from all of the non-sense that we have built as a species. Deliver my soul up at the alter of forgiveness and hope that the powers that be on the next level of existence forgive me of my stupidity. Pray that a solution will present itself before they crame a Zoloft down my throat, stuff a Victory cigarette in my mouth and light it for me followed by funneling inebriation into my psyche by way of Victory Gin. Freedom is Slavery. Run and don't look back, before it's too late.  

Just as a disclaimer.  I feel it's probably needed at this point.  All of these truths are depressing to me.  As in I am aware that it is a depressing message.  I don't lose sleep over any of this.  I lose a lot of my waking life thinking about it, but I don't lose sleep.  When I look at my smiling baby boy's face, or listen to his giggles and laughs, it lifts my spirits to great heights.  When I watch my son and my wife play together, it makes all of my holographic contributions fade away.  In those moments I don't think about all of the terrible corporate driven insanity.  Those things are what give me the momentum to continue in this mental drudgery.  I'm sure the Nazi's went home to their families and felt the same way.  They thought they were doing what was right because their hologram of national pride told them it was right.  Just as our corporate consumer Ambien hologram sings us lullaby jingles from the idiot box telescreen when we lay our heads down on our third world manufactured pillow.  

So the disclaimer, I'm healthily depressed about this depressing world, depressed with a smile.  I'm just happy to be contributing to keepin' the whole stinkin' mess afloat.  I mean if I were to be depressed with a frown than you would have to start worrying.  It wouldn't be socially correct to go around telling everybody the truth.  So don't worry about me, worry about your souls part in this Greek Tragedy.    Maybe one day I'll surprise you and write about something that's happy.  But for now...this will have to do:
My Inner Self