Truth Against the World

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zombie Zeitgeist

The photo and editing was all done by my amazing wife. 

Lately, the important corner of the blogosphere that I keep up with has been full of excellent writing.  William Hunter Duncan's latest blog on divinity is nothing short of fascinating with it's mind warping visual thought exercises.  Do you want to understand the difference between the model of reality, and reality, intellectually?  That is to say mentally.  Then there is Dimitri Orlov's latest on the differences between neuroses and psychoses in society as pertains to awakening from the American Hologram and seeing reality for what it is in reality rather than the empires illusion of progress.  I was going to write a blog similar to Dimitri's but decided against it due to the fact that he was thorough enough to remove the need for my blathering on the topic.  Lastly there is the latest Archdruid Report which has an unbelievable gem nestled inside of it.  I've been thinking a lot about hierarchy lately due to all of the buzzing on the topic emanating from the three blogs I just linked to.  John Michael Greer's latest blog outlines the specifics behind America's aristocracy and how they managed to get their heads lodged up their asses while never putting their noses down.  Apparently they have removable heads that makes the feat they end up with removable heads once we the people decide we've had enough and reclaim our rightful power to exist on mom Gaia without being forced to stick our heads up our own asses.

There is a lot of head up own ass thinking that floats on the MSM bubbles coming from the bull shit black hole nowadays.  It's not hard to see the world clearly if that's what you want.  The only thing stopping you from removing your own head from your own ass is you, and that is the point behind my usage of the Zombie Zeitgeist...or meme in the title of my last blog.  I have dubbed myself a Zombie Whisperer.  Now, I want to make it clear that this is just a joke for those of us who understand because we see clearly (and it's not a meme yet).  I in no way mean this as an insult to the Zombies, or even a judgement being rendered.  It seems that defining what a zombie is to me would be helpful, and it will possibly remove any confusion that may arise in the future.  A zombie is anybody who believes that the MSM (main stream media) is true.  Believing that the MSM is true requires a few things.  First it means subscribing to the myth of progress paradigm, and secondly it means coloring your reality with the cogs of the machine world that's been carved out for human consumption.  It's a world that comes into focus through that specific lens...and it makes those who look through it very hungry.

The zombie whispering title is a product of my understanding of the necessity for community.  Not just any community either, but the one that is surrounding you where you are.  The people in your apartment complex, or the other residences of your culdesac, or the trailers surrounding you.  You mostly don't get to pick your neighbors in America, and we have learned how to deal with this.  We deal with it by ignoring our neighbors and choosing our own abstract communities be it church, a meetup group, a club, an online forum, or some stupid ass hobby that serves as a distraction for your lose of humanity and, more importantly, your lose of purpose .  I happen to live in the country right next to a moderately sized trailer park (as in 6 trailers on about 2 acres).  I have become a zombie whisperer due to necessity.  So what is a zombie whisperer?  Well...I'll tell you.  A zombie whisperer is somebody whom can exist amongst zombies while not actually being one themselves.  Further, he (or she) is a person whom can heard zombies and control them via dazzling them with bits of brain strategies.  The goal of a zombie whisperer is to out fox the zombies and survive...thrive even.  I'm still learning what it means to be one myself.  I didn't exactly have a teacher to hand down the art to me.  I'm learning it as I go.

I guess you could say that the art of zombie whispering is emergent now.  The goal of a zombie whisperer is to survive the zombie apocalypse that has recently kicked off in earnest.  I think the American Empire has already smashed to the ground and we've just been on our way back up temporarily before our collective fool head hits the damn asphalt once again.  Life is going to start getting a lot more interesting as the days proceed.  Nothing could be more important than learning how to deal with zombies.  It's one thing to ignore them while the box stores are shitting out cheap industrially produced pretend food, and quite another to attempt the same trick when the box store shelves are empty...just look at Katrina to understand how that looks.  That's where the original zombie outbreak happened.  Let there be no mistake that food is the immediate concern for our species.  What I mean is that you can't ignore hunger and there is going to be a lot of people learning this, and in America, before too long.  It goes without saying (so why am I saying it?) that water is more important for life.  Water is waaaayyyy up there on the we're about to be fucked radar, but I think food will become a problem much sooner due to the corn crop failure that's coming your way. 

The present reality is a dire and dim one.  Just because you won't hear it reported by anybody (at least not seriously) in the MSM, doesn't mean it's not true.  I'm becoming a leader where I'm at.  I have identified that people are going to be looking to me for what to do next.  The reasons for that are many, but one clear one is that they see what I'm doing.  They see the strange ways in which I spend my time using my body with hand tools to create food and capture water.  Now, granted, they are Zombies (mostly), but there is that bit about zombies being hungry.  I suppose the key to zombie whispering is to figure out how to convince them that if they don't eat you they may be able to have more to eat later...and sustainably at that.  You have to convince them to not only not eat you, but to help you by coexisting with you in reality cooperatively rather than in the hologram destructively.