Truth Against the World

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ten Minutes Hate

It seems to me that we’ve arrived at a moment in our history as a country where certain things are no longer being kept hidden in the closet of our collective delusions.  The light of clarity is shinning brightly on our political process.  Thanks to Donald Trump it should now be clear to any American still capable of simple thought processes that something has gone terribly wrong with our country, and especially with political discourse.  To call what is happening during the presidential debates anything resembling a debate is to participate in the worst kind of Newspeak imaginable.  What does penis size have to do with the appropriateness of a presidential candidate?  On the flip side, it appears that the lack of a penis also apparently makes you a good contender.  That is to say that the two choices it appears we will have for our next POTUS think that their genitals qualify them to lead the global death circus that we have become. Sadly it seems they are correct in their simple analysis. 

Donald Trump, Captain “you’re fired while I go bankrupt for the fifth time” is a serious presidential contender?  Let’s keep in mind that his fifth bankruptcy will likely occur while he’s the damn president of our country.  He’s going to run this country like a business, which I’ll admit is appropriate due to the fact that it is a business that’s run by the Corporatocracy.  The fact that it’s appropriate to think of the president as a business man is telling in and of itself.  Running the greatest country in the world as a business was not what the founding fathers had in mind.  I’d really like to know what Thomas Jefferson or Pain would have to say about Donald Trump (or Hillary…which I’ll get to next) as president.  I’ll admit that being a good business man definitely adds to the portfolio of a good presidential candidate, but there are more skills necessary than just your ability to make money (or balance a budget).  In Trumps case, he’s clearly not a good business man, and I’ll submit his four bankruptcies as evidence.  What does that leave by way of qualification for Trump as POTUS?  That’s right, his penis size, well that and his porn star trophy wife.  He’s going to build a wall around the United States and kick all of the brown people out?  Nobody will have health care under Trump except for the 1%.  Within weeks he’ll piss somebody like Putin off and we’ll be facing another nuclear holocaust with Russia.  I suppose the one good thing about Trump is that he’s outing the dark, displaced, disgruntled, bigoted, and xenophobic American underbelly.  Trump supporters seem exceptionally odious to me.  As horrible as it is to admit, Trump is the perfect president for this time in the history of our country.  At least everything will be out in the open.  Trump represents what the United States has truly become.  We’re a narcissistic and greedy consumer society that cares for nothing but our own interest, and the entire world knows it.  Well, the entire world minus ourselves because Americans seem to have no idea.  

Melania Trump, the next first lady? 

What about Hillary?  Well, have we all forgotten about what her husband did while he was president?  I have not forgotten.  “I did not have sexual relations with that women.”  That’s right, Clinton got his knob slobbed in the oval office by an intern, Monica Lewenski.  Not that this was an exceptionally horrible thing, or even close to the worst thing Clinton did to our country.  I’ll submit NAFTA for the worst thing he did.  The North American Fair Trade Agreement was anything but fair, but then the political process is all about double think and Newspeak, which is to say that the opposite of what is said is actually the truth.  “Love is Hate,” and “freedom is slavery” and whatnot.  Granted, her husband did these things, but does that exonerate her?  Maybe we can exonerate her from these things, but the fact remains that our president will be the first first lady as president to have been a first lady while her presidential husband got a televised blow job in the oval office.  Again, I suppose the truth is that this makes her more than fitting to be the next president.  That way we can all point to the great first female president with pride, and we can say to the world “she stood proud and tall while adulterous Bill got his pole hummed on.”  Seriously, this is okay America?  

Now, keep in mind that this is all happening a midst one of the best presidential candidates we’ve had in a long time.  Bernie Sanders would make an excellent president (not that he’s got a chance in hell).  He want’s universal healthcare, a decent minimum wage, and he’d finally legalize cannabis (which is pretty much a cure for all of our health and economic problems).  However, I’d say he’s worth voting for just to get rid of Wealthcare.  We’re the only industrialized nation in the world that does not have universal healthcare.  Why do you think that is?  Further, why do you think the rest of the industrialized world has universal healthcare?  Is it because it’s such a bad idea?  If so, it seems there would be another industrialized country without it.  We don’t have universal healthcare because “healthcare” in our country is about making money, not about caring for people.  I’m more than qualified with my opinion on this matter having worked as a medic for 8 years in our wealthcare system.  I saw the change that happened around about 2009 that is epitomized in our switch from “patients” to “customers.”  Why would somebody about to die in the back of an ambulance be a customer?  I’ll tell you why, because of the revenue that said customer brings in.  The pharmaceutical companies write the textbooks that our doctors study in medical school.  Why is that?  Well, I’ll tell you money, money, and money is why. 

Cannabinoids cure cancer and can be grown next to your dandelions (pending you stop poisoning them with biocides to keep your lawn “weed” free).   Legalizing marijuana would mean the cure for cancer could be grown in your lawn.  Do you know how much money goes into the “cure” for cancer?  The cure being a strategy of poisoning the entire human body in the hopes that the cancer dies before you do, along with massive doses of DNA destroying radiation.  When I was a nuclear engineer on an aircraft carrier I had to wear a Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter to make sure that I did not get more than 5 rem of exposure per year.  Why?  Because too much radiation kills you.  The last thing the powers that be want is to allow us to cure ourselves with weeds.  There is no money in the cure.

As far as the decent minimum wages goes…well that one is beyond a pipe dream (and not the pipe you use for smoking cannabis).  All raising the minimum wage would do would be to ensure that small business owners (like myself) would never be able to stay solvent.  Within a year of raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars there would be no small businesses left.  It’s hard enough to stay solvent as a business and I have no employees.  It’s just me running my business as an owner operator.  I can’t even afford to pay somebody $10 per hour right now.  Still, Bernie’s idea is at least morally correct.  I agree that somebody working 40 hours per week should be able to at least pay all of their bills without using credit cards.  Why is it that during this election we have two of the worst presidential candidates imaginable along with one that actually makes a lot of sense but has no chance of becoming president?  It sort of makes me angry.  It’s as if they are rubbing it in, and I suppose it’s as if because it is. 

You want to know the truth about all of this?  The truth is that we have a Corporatocracy that runs the majority of the world.  That is, we have multi-national corporations who recognize no lines on a map, no country, and who care about nothing but profit to ensure excessive fiscal bonuses for the 1%.  They will cut the last tree down and continue to poison the only planet that we have, and nothing is going to stop them.  None of this is news, or at least it shouldn’t be.  Our world is in a bad way right now, and it is the world that sustains us.  We have become digitalized automatons contented by Facebook and entertaining violence.  Contented by fukitol, alcohol, factory slave made gidgets, and monoculture.  We are a monoculture of everything.  Our medicine, our food, our society, it’s become a monoculture, or as I like to call it an “anti-culture.”  Culture is mostly about diversity, which is also mostly what nature is about.  The only diversity we have is a man made chemical diversity along with millions of entertainment options on our devices.  We can chose between a plethora of life killing chemicals for our food and our medicine.  Read the ingredients to any packaged food you can buy at a big box store.  I promise of the 50 or so words you read none will be recognized as food.  Real food mostly has one ingredient.  An apple for instance, it’s just an apple, which is food.  A list of man made and mostly petroleum chemicals in a petroleum bag is not food. 

Here we are, on the precipice of completely destroying our biosphere and most of the life in it.  Here we are, and Trump or Hillary will be our next president.  It doesn’t matter what your opinion is where pertains to the next global corporate leader.  What we will have in 2017, with our next president, will be more of the same program.  That program is more poison for us and more money for them.  That program is unsustainable for us and for them.  It’s my opinion that the only hope we have can be found in the nature we have left.  Nature is what sustains us, not the president, or lines on a map.  My country is the human race, and our politics have become a bread and circus meant to distract us and entertain us.  The truth is that Trump and Hillary are destroying our planet, and we are letting them.  I have little hope to offer.  This is the truth, and it’s not kind, but it is, and the only hope we have is that we begin looking at it for what it is and not for what we would like it to be.  In so doing, the seed for positive and life supporting change can be found.  If we can collectively agree that business as usual is killing us than maybe we can agree that we should change it.  That is our only hope, and it’s the only chance of changing the horror represented by our presidential candidates.  I hope that Bernie can win because I want to believe we can change, but I happen to have no faith in the political process.  We might as well start pledging allegiance to the Corporatocracy…I’ll see you at the ten minutes hate. 

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