Truth Against the World

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

legionomous anonymous awenomitly


That's a lot of threes isn't it? It doesn't matter what spiritual what-have-yous you subscribe to, it's sorta hard to get around the fact that three is a holy number. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the three temptations, the three rays of light descending on us from the heavens via rowan staves encircled with ogham. The ternary that breaks the binary that is dualistic envisioning. That's the meaning of the gray in the gray area that resides in our unknowing monkey mind. There is more than just left/right, up/down, democrat/republican, God/Satan, good/bad thinking. There is that which can't even be seen yet with a 20th century mind because it doesn't contain the proper lens to see it. The 21st century mind is in the business of evolving just now. It must evolve to survive the next large adaptation that is this experiment of life on Earth. It is evolving that lens capable of seeing this new layer of complexity.

We continue bickering with one another about money and how it matters still. It does matter...but just barely. It's approaching the no longer matters mark however. That mark has many historical precedents to pull from. None of those precedents are precedented in this Orwellian New World Bravely that we are entering. This is the last fascicle of the control paradigms hypoxic power grab. Lot's of grabbing going on out there just now. It's starting to get desperately close to unable to deny status. We all know it, but many among us like to pretend like drones aren't already assassinating Americans and sodium amytal isn't already being used by the prosecution for Spanish inquisition like mind manipulation....pheww. Wasn't sure I'd get all of that out before I lost my train of thought.

Here's to the germinal post-petroleum fiber-optically connected interweb tribe. Sounds funky doesn't it? There is a nation of Foxsteaders popping up like mushrooms. The time is coming where the veil will drop and we will all see each other standing. Mike Ruppert likes to use that analogy. We are all in a large stadium, the masses, and the hologram makes it appear that nobody is standing. We are standing, and we are starting to see that we are not the only one standing. The illusion is starting to dissolve because the energy that sustains it is vanishing. That means we can now begin to see each other. We can see that we are legion, and we are not going to be counted by any machine. We will go to the margins and watch the machine run out of fuel. It will rust as metal is wont to do when met with the elements found in mother nature. Metals turns to rust and are transmuted into blood given a long enough time line.

Now we must believe that we will outlast the machines dying prominence. We must accept that so that we can begin the business of moving on into the reality of the future, and not the denial. So many intellectuals like to argue about what we think we know about nature, reality, and matter. What we think we know does not matter. We know nothing. There is a place where music emanates providing sound to a joyless world. The vocal chords evolved to reach out into physical space and be heard. There are those among us who can yell at the machine without being heard. We can stomp up and down and beat our noise makers and they will not notice our objections. We can stand in front of an imperial tank and demand a line that won't be crossed with our bodies...and we can pour gasoline over our heads and strike a match. We can bite a bullet and check out, but what of our children? What will they do with us checked out?

It's time to stop living an illusion. It's easy: wake up. Denial only distorts the truth. What is the point of existence on this Earth without Truth? It's a simple equation really. We don't need books to know what it is. We don't need our hyperintelligent monkey brains to experience joy and healing. We have a choice to make between nature and electrical artifacts broadcast via teevee and memory hole mind control. The truth is being accessed by more and more of us in an exponentially expanding function of interconnectivity. If we don't believe in the 100th monkey than he will never be. He can be, but not in a cornucopian hallucination of suburban consumer consumption projected via the American Hologram.

So the legion of us I've been referring to of late. We are looking for land over the horizon. We pushed off in a vessel designed to catch the trade winds of our imagination and collective faith in Earth based breathing and dancing life. No space ship is going to transport us to some new land full of infinite resources to infinitely squander into mindless wasteland heaps of thoughtless drivel. Hands in the Earth and hands in dirt. Stones to absorb the minerals we need for formation. Water for our spiritual transmissions concerning our collective emergence. The wind we need to alchemicalize spirit into accessible AWEN. Fire we need to remember pain in the form of the final convolution. Is this Zion? This post petroleum Foxstead tribal nation? Do we dance and allow beautiful music to guide us? Or do we lay down as the totalitarian totalitarians totalize our trashmission into wasteful oblivion via boot stomps to the face? The choice is ours.  We are legionomous anonymous awenomitly.