Truth Against the World

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pointless Ramblings from an Apathetic Futurist.

I've got to get some things off of my chest. Life inside the hallucinated hologram of American entitlement is reaching levels of torturous pain for me. It feels sort of like I felt when I was imprisoned behind the very literal federal penitentiary walls in Bangor Washington for my insolent disobedience while on restriction in the USN. I was caught out of my rack past 2200 hrs and was sentenced to three days in solitary confinement in the brig. That's a story for another time. What I'm talking about is the feeling I felt while I was trapped in that cell for three days eating nothing but white bread. Something about the very real resentment that I felt then is vibrating with me again only now the cell I'm trapped in is society. I'm isolated now just as I was then. Every once in a while I can hear the screams of those who have lost their minds in the wind. I can hear the creaking moans of those who are slowly losing their minds. It's depressing.

There is a big difference between my experience of solitary confinement then and my feelings of isolation now. Then my situation was temporary and the resolution was not far away. Now the situation is a permanent decline into an unknown collapse of all that we, as a society, knows to be normal. I feel similar to when I was in solitary confinement because I know nobody who can see the collapse from this lonely peak. It's as clear as the spring waters before the corporatocracy arrived and took a big ole shit in the spring. I've yelled and screamed about infinite growth on a finite planet and it was all to my own detriment. My vocal chords hurt and nobody cares to know. Nobody wants to face the fact that economic growth is over due to physical and planetary constraints. The growth is over and the contraction has started. Life becomes cheaper and cheaper as the days march forward into our fated dystopia. Life becomes cheaper because more people arrive for their share of the dwindling resources that the corporations have been steadily working on destroying and polluting. We do nothing to stop this process because we have grown to view it as normal. We are entitled to that six dollar package of socks made by an indentured child servant working in El Salvador for a tin roof, rice and beans, and some modestly poisoned water to drink. We are entitled to cheap gasoline and gargantuan and embarrassing monstrosities to transport us to our service economy jobs that are becoming less important and viable by the second.

The world that I see before me is one that functions under the oppression of fear. Everybody is to afraid to move. What is needed most is a revolution of consciousness to rise up and revolt against the corporations and their jacked up offerings. More people are working more hours for less money and afraid for their job while they are doing it. Why are we doing this to ourselves? To consume throwaway crap manufactured by slave labor? For cheap energy? For a house made out of vinyl siding and particle board? It's like the nightmare leaped from my dream state and coerced reality into servicing the bull shit black hole. Amongst all of this necessary growth is the death of a viable human habitat. What we have been knowingly doing for the last half a century or so is the equivalent of being an astronaut in a space ship having a bad trip on designer drugs with a sledge hammer. We are cutting all of the trees down, removing mountain tops, spooging shameless globs of deep water oil all in the ocean, and growing food to burn in our gas tanks. We are two year olds left unattended in a candy store. There are better ways to live in harmony with reality if we would only stop listening to the television and start thinking on our own. Granted, we are programmed from the beginning to swallow the mans bullshit, but we are capable of realizing this and waking up from this terrifying dream.
It's very simple to understand the root cause of all of this malignant non-sense. Never mind morality or philosophy. Why is it so hard for people to understand that infinite growth is not possible..ever? Our debt economy requires infinite growth to function. Even when the government prints money it's a loan that requires new money to pay the interest on. This only works in a growing paradigm. We are near 7 billion people now. At what point are the masses going to realize that this is unsustainble. It necessarily means 10 dollar per gallon gasoline, 100 dollar per sheet ply wood, and hundreds of dollars per week in astronomically expensive groceries for a modest family. Life has become cheap but living is becoming unattainably expensive. It doesn't have to be this way. There are well thought out answers to these problems. However, the solution to the current mess we are in requires austerity, sacrifice, patience, discomfort at times, and more pain. The solution requires us all to live like intelligent adults and not two year old hedonist egos. The solution requires respecting such things as the commons and caring about your neighbors well being as well as yours.

We can live in harmony with sanity. We can live in a human way, but we won't. The hologram has won already. It has managed to make addicts out of us. Addicts who refuse to realize that they have a problem and are out of control. Addicts who are high on fast and convenient everything. Fast and convenient food, entertainment, communication, and friendships. Everything about this epic wreckage that we call Western Civilization is throwaway non-sense that is not worth caring about. We hide this fact by consuming more and more worthless crap while high on prescription fukitol pills. We are zombified in the backseats of civilization's bus with a drunk corporation driving. His fingers are stained brown with the poisonous crap he's been selling us and he's flicking half smoked cigarettes out the window. He's cut the brake lines and were careening down a mountainside and just before the bus slams into immovable mother nature he gets on the PA and sings a ridiculous and flashy song to lull us all into believing that we are not careening into an immovable mountain bottom. He sing's his lullaby for his own twisted sense of entertainment because we are all to sedated on fukitol to know or care. Wake up!