Truth Against the World

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Photojournal 5

HT says what up

Red potatoes with floundering corn in the center and on the periphery

I didn't add anything to that soil.  My Permaculture chickens shit and scratched for a year...beautiful ain't it


crook neck squash

I promise there's a line of black eyed peas in that grass

three hills of watermelon

GM with baby

The Hugel Bed

hard to tell, but that's a Gourd plant and it's dropping vertically down about a three foot drop off the back of the hugel bed.  Cool thing about that gourd is that it's a volunteer that somehow managed to make it into the hugel bed.  I grew that same gourd plant in that same place last year...only it was under the hugel bed because the hugel bed didn't exist yet.

Borage gettin' ready to bloom in Hugel


Jungle Gardening

Cayenne Pepper on top of Hugel

Mexican favorite

Dent corn, zucchini and black bean guild

corn, zuc, maters, beans, cilantro, gourds

My Zen pepper Garden the "Zen Pepper Patch"...if it ain't a pepper or basil it get's meticulously yanked out...BTW the basil is there on account of the Diner's Agelbert...thanks Agelbert...I sowed the basil seeds two days after you posted the article about peppers and basil

a mater growin' in the pepper patch

Hard to tell, but that's down hill


Thai Pepper

Zen after being reprimanded for trying to invade Dad's Pepper Patch

Zen  before above reprimand...he's understandably confused seeing as how dad calls it his "Zen Pepper Patch"

Sitting on top of the Hugel bed on a spot that's my little mini trailer park meadow


William Hunter Duncan said...

It looks great. :)

Luciddreams said...'s not much, but at least it's something. I'm learning.