Truth Against the World

Sunday, June 30, 2013

King Snake Burial

In this video I bury both King snakes in the tater garden.  The first king snake is going to have pumpkins growing above it.  I plan on sewing those pumpkin seeds today.  Not sure when you are supposed to sew pumpkin seeds, but it sounds like a good idea.  I have a rosemary plant that ended being situated between my hugel bed and jungle garden.  My garden is still morphing due to this being just the second season I've been here.  When I moved here in February of 2012 the back yard was just Dandelions, bermuda grass, wild onions, and a few other local weeds.  Just flat ground that was scalped with a riding lawn mover for 20 years.  Part of my garden was beneath a large shed that had a boat, tractor, and various other 20th century country equipment parked on top of it.  That rosemary plant got transplanted into the tater patch above the second king snake.


William Hunter Duncan said...

You dig like a sissy. LOL

Nice Cosmos. Might be a little late for pumpkins, more like May where you are, I would think. About the time you put the tomatoes in that didn't die out.

Lush garden. It's a wonder that you can grow anything in that abused, sandy looking soil.

Luciddreams said...

Far as the flowers in the hugel bed go...I broadcasted a bag of wild flower seed that GM had after compiling the pile to hold the ground. I had no idea what flowers were in the bag and I didn't much care.

The soil is actually great for the area. It's a lot better than the soil at the Rock Hill house.

I spoke with the Goddess. After calming her down (she was scared of my Earth Scalpel), she was able to tell me that she did not appreciate your language. Calling me a sissy and all. You musta had one too many beers. ;)