Truth Against the World

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Fox Den Endangered

It's important to note how crucially important our living in Whoville is to my wife and I's intentional plan for our lives. When Aunt Bee offered her house to Wendy and I, it was the opportunity I needed to complete the puzzle of how to resign from the Matrix. The main problem for me was figuring out how I could live mortgage free while having a mortgage. Aunt Bee is the reason I was able to resign, because without her there is noway I would have done so with a wife and child. Even so, we took a high stakes gamble by moving in with somebody that neither one of us knew much about. We just knew that the family considered her crazy, but as I have said that means nothing to me because I consider the average person in our society to be completely insane. To me, if you are under the influence of the American Hologram's thaumaturgy, then you are by definition quite insane. I don't need to go into an explanation as to what exactly the Hologram is. I've blogged about it extensively here at Epiphany Now.

I was a few months into this experiment, dealing with the nuisance of the Whos, when Mordred and Tina LeFay attacked, and it was a serious injury. It called into question the viability of what we were doing in Whoville. As I've been illustrating, Whoville is not populated by awakened individuals. The populace of Whoville is not concerned with broadening their awareness or expanding their consciousness. They are not Peak Oil aware and do not care about climate change. PO is not even on the radar and climate change is just liberal conspiracy theory attempting to "fukin' mess with naescur god daamitt...fukin' liberals tryin' to spread that mooslim jibber jabber." There are non-redneck inhabitants of Whoville, but they are still unaware of the Hologram. This has been the most challenging aspect of living in Whoville for me. Here I am trying to spread Permaculture to a populace that is unaware that there is a problem with the American lifestyle to begin with. I'm at best a fledgling permaculturalists with very limited plant knowledge. I'm in no position to spread anything and need somebody to follow myself. On top of this I am being assaulted by completely retarded Southern Baptist Satan worshipers.

What exactly did he mean by "Satan's Authority"? Was it just his damaged brain spurtin' out the first thing that came to mind in the heat of our encounter. Is he actually worshiping Jebus in the front of the church and then Satan in the basement of the church with a handful of other ratards after the morning service? I don't know, and I don't really care to find out. I just want him to stay the hell away from our homestead because he's no good for us, or anybody else for that include himself. Aunt Bee later told me that Mordred had warned her that I had "the Earth spirit in'em." The "Earth Spirit"!!! What the fuck? No doubt this is some shit he's heard from his preacher. Apparently this is what he told Bee at their lunch just before he brought his scandaling ooziness to my homestead. They were sittin' in a Chick-filet (a southern baptist owned fast food really, you have to be a professed southern baptist to work there) with Mordred reading the bible out loud at the table to Aunt Bee over chicken biscuits. I'm not makin' this shit up's non-fiction and being reported as it occurred to me.

When Wendy got home, I gave her the entire report of what had transgressed in her absence. She was furious and extremely embarrassed of her relatives. I was still in a state of shock for having been treated in that way by family. It's not an exaggeration to say that it caused some strain in our relationship as husband and wife, and for no other reason than her guilt over being related to that atrocity of a man, combined with my legitimate fear of her insane family (cause I haven't even breached the topic of her mom's crazy ass yet). After this incident I found out that Mordred and Tina were pretty much excommunicated from the Spencer family already for past shenanigans. The eldest brother Randy Spencer (and pretty much the only "normal" member of the Spencer least as far as I've been able to determine), and Wendy's mother Susan, both disliked Mordred from their youth. Mordred stayed in Grandpa's house until he met Tina in his mid 20's. He stayed at home because he was lazy and didn't want to work. He spent his days smoking weed and getting drunk (not that there's anything inherently wrong with that) whenever he wasn't at church praising Jebus. That's where he met Tina church. Tina took the place of Grandpa Spencer for Mordred. I guess he just needs somebody to bitch slap his poor ass around and tell him what to think and do.

Aunt Bee was the only Spencer that stayed in touch with Mordred. He kept her around because she gave him money. In fact, just about everybody in Aunt Bee's life was around because she gave them money. That's how she has learned to relate to family, and it's also been a challenge getting her to understand that she doesn't have to pay for our affection. She doesn't see a problem with it, and actually enjoys the position it gives her. She likes buying things for people because she likes looking like she's got money, and she likes the position it puts her in, but also because she really is just a kind individual whom likes helping people.

I realize that Wendy and I are also benefiting from Aunt Bee. It's just that our relationship is a bit more symbiotic and fair. We are not taking her least not directly. We have actually managed to save her money in utilities by getting her to understand that when it's nice outside you can turn the air off and open the windows, and that when it's cold outside you can put on clothing in the house and sit under a blanket rather than turning the thermostat up 10 degrees. When we moved in, Aunt Bee would turn the thermostat up to 80 degrees so that she could take a shower. She didn't like feeling cold when she got undressed to get into the hot shower. We got her a little electric space heater to heat just the bathroom up rather than the 2000 square foot trailer. We got her to stop buying paper towels as we use wash clothes in their place. We hang dry our clothing when we can. We stopped all of the money that was leaving the house for things like fixing leaking toilets, steam cleaning all of the carpet in the house every month, and cutting the dirt and weeds twice a week. If something needs fixin' or maintenance done, I do it for free. After all, it's my home now. My point is that we have saved Aunt Bee a lot of money by living the way that we do. Unfortunately I must report that all this has accomplished is to enrich the Matriarch and her conniving brood of vultures. All of the money, and then some, that we have saved Aunt Bee, she has given to the Whos. The Matriach of Whoville has her trained very well. Anytime Aunt Bee has extra money she ends up calling her and coming up with ways she can spend money on the Matriarch. They'll go out to eat, or get their hair cut, or go shopping. I understand that Bee likes spending money. It's not just the Whos fault. That doesn't take away from the fact that they are still taking advantage of her.

Wendy was enraged by Mordred. She decided that the best course of action would be to call 911 and report the incident so that we could have them trespassed. I talked her out of calling the police, but she printed up a trespass document online that was supposedly official, had me sign it, and mailed it certified mail to Mordred's residence. We never got confirmation that he signed for it. I have suspicions that Aunt Bee called and told them what it was so that they would refuse to sign for it. I could care less about the notice because if he ever shows up again, as I have said, the first thing I'm going to do is call 911. The second thing I'm going to do is get my 12 gauge. My suspicions about Aunt's Bee's honesty have been proven correct since the attack of Mordred and Tina LeFay. I'll get into that soon. The next adventure in the Whoville Chronicles involves something as simple as beating back the onslaught of Mother Nature. Of course this aspect of the story will also explore Aunt Bee's honesty, and therefore ethics, and the issue of how we will be able to meet our unspoken agreement to fulfill the conditions of this arrangement we have entered into with her.

The arrangement I'm talking about is our method of payment to her for allowing us into her home, now our home, to live utility and mortgage free. The unspoken agreement is that we will care for her into her "golden years." We will take care of her financial and medical concerns. We will care for her in old age as if she were our own beloved parent. She has no children, and her husband has passed. You are now qualified to make a biased opinion on how things would work if the Whos were to take charge of these issues for her. It's not as if the Matriarch required payment to help take care of her dying brother at the end of his life. The fact is, our agreement is just as beneficial to Aunt Bee as it is to us. As free as our mortgage and utility free lifestyle is, it comes at a cost...just not a financial one. In fact, we have been paying the cost of living this lifestyle since the day we moved here. Again, you are qualified to make your own biased opinion on the matter having read up to this point.

Before I get into the issue of Mother Nature's relentless onslaught, and the insane tactic our society uses to combat it, and how the issue of Aunt Bee's honesty weaves into this, I'll explore one other aspect of our situation. What we have done...moving in with family like we have, is an option that I imagine is available to a healthy portion of my readers. In fact, it's probably an option available to a majority of Americans. I'm talking about moving in with family to forgo the rat race. All that is required to drop out of the Matrix, or the American Hologram, is the ability to live mortgage/rent free. If you can manage that, than you can probably manage to not need your own vehicle. If you can live mortgage/rent free, and you don't require a vehicle, than you can probably get by without working. The only other issue is going to be the one of health insurance. I would say that this is the largest sacrifice my family has made by choosing this option. We are dealing with this now due to our second pregnancy.

I've written about this topic before. If you have any elders in your family, there is a good chance that they have a home (pending they haven't been sent to one of our amiable geezer freezers yet). There is a good chance that they spend a lot of money on getting things done around the house that they can no longer do having the grass mowed, plumbing, and issues revolving around a houses tendency towards rot and decay. This is a potential opportunity for you...and your family. It's a way to tell the Hologram to go fuck itself without having money. That is mainly what the Whoville Chronicles are about. This is just one anecdotal report from one individual who is putting everything he's got into resigning from the Matrix/Hologram/Rat Race (it goes by many names), and doing so with a growing family. Of course there is always the potential option of moving back in with your parents. Naturally you have to grow the ability to not care about what people are going to say about you. Our society wants us to believe that you are not successful unless you have your own home and therefore lots of debt. It's the game that everybody else is playing. It's bullshit. The "ownership society," is how Bush put it. That's exactly right, as in the Corporatocracy owns your ass, and in perfect double think, you think you own it. What you own is the right to no longer participate.

The majority of the world, for the majority of recorded history, has lived with family for generations. A multi-generational household has always been the norm. It's my opinion that the industrial revolution is largely responsible for changing that fact. This could be boiled down further to our magical petroleum inheritance being responsible for the lose of the generational household. Why do we feel the need to have our own homes? What is wrong with living in a family unit beyond husband, wife, and children? Isn't this sorta what a tribe is? True, there is a lose of privacy, and? What does that really matter? Is it really that much of a nuisance to hear somebody else taking a shit, or making love, or having an argument? Does it really matter if your family happens to find out your business? Is it that important to be able to run around in your house naked playing grab ass and hide the sausage with your wife (or husband). The point I'm trying to make here is how much privacy do you need? At least privacy from your family. Besides, if you work for a corporation, it's not as if your ass hole has much privacy, nor the contents of your urine.
Living with family has some major challenges. I believe that those challenges can be overcome. The fact is that the world is pretty much finished supplying us with the infinite growth paradigm delusion. Beyond this, refusing to participate in the Hologram is just more authentic and honest no matter who you are. In the next segment of The Whoville Chronicles I'll be picking up where I left off. I'll be telling about Admiral Dumpy and how I managed to push her off of Aunt Bee's financial teat. To be clear, it was not my intention to do so. It just happened that my doing "the right thing" resulted in her being pushed off the teat...but not before she extracted one last bit of Whoville homage.


Justin said...

This all sounds like the family on my mother's side about 20-30 years ago. Full of snakes, madmen, and petty con artists who didn't have the balls or brains to go for anything bigger than retail rip offs. I can predict how it ends having seen it unfold, in fragments, disconnected, insanity. I was more or less in the position your son is in, that was about 30 years ago. Its not pretty.

Luciddreams said...

Justin, yeah, I know it's not pretty. Yet it's my wife and the mother of my children's family. I have no idea how my wife didn't turn out completely fucked up. At any rate, we both know that we aren't going to stay here forever. We both want to end up in Asheville NC, in the mountains, but it takes money. Also it makes it difficult for me to know that this permaculture paradise I'm working on, when it's finally established, somebody else will be benefiting from it. Not that I have a problem with that, but I'd love to see some returns myself. Still, I did permaculture work for lots of people this summer, so I guess it's not much different.

As far as fragmented, that part is already done. The family is completely fragmented. None of the siblings talk to one another. Bee and Mordred were really the last connection, and his ass ain't welcome round here anymore as I've made clear. So now it's just the mother-in-law to be dealt with. I'm not worried about her so much as a threat to me directly, but she is a threat to my happiness because her mental sickness affects my wife from time to time. She shows up out of nowhere and drops a bomb, then I gotta deal with the fallout. I've never seen dysfunction quite like this man.

Audrey Amos said...

Well we'll well...

I have just completed every single blog post since the beginning of time. Since knowing you for the last 9 years, I have never felt more connected to you than I do now.

As I have stated previously, I am proud of you and your natural ability to connect to others using words.
Your talent has allowed you to recreate real-life events and you have sucked me in.

I will continue to follow you on this journey.

I admire you and Wendy and your bravery for letting go of the nonsense and finding your bliss. Your happiness is apparent and you have contentment oozing from your soul.

As you know - I dont always agree with everything you say, but that's okay - I'm not supposed to. I do, however, understand you more than ever and I am genuinely happy that you decided to document your feelings and experiences for others to see.

You have done amazing things for "Aunt Bee" just by being there and you will always be repaid with kindness, love, and generosity. I am pleased to call you a "true" friend of mine.... most likely the "truest" friend I know. Thank you for being you!


Justin Wade said...

I don't know if you read my Americana, I think you once read my Big Dada sight. Anyway, this weeks post referenced the Hologram in a bit of synchronicity. I wrote it a week ago, I pretty much queue everything for Saturday columns. I've got posts queued up into next February. At some point, if I keep this up, I'll die and my blog will keep publishing for awhile after I'm gone and creep out everyone who knows me. Its afterlife in the information age.

In another bit of synchronicity, I'm also dealing with some nutty family issues at the moment. I hope these whoville posts have been cathartic, at least. You did the right thing with Mordred by keeping your cool, lose control of yourself and others gain power over you. Things have a way of coming back around on people if you don't accept what they try to put on you.

Luciddreams said...

Audrey, vulnerable could be part of my pen name. Just as anger could be, or rage, or wrath towards intentional destruction of beauty. I am angry at that stream of nonsense. I suppose this is part of the human condition.

The problem, I have found, is that the only thing the world cares about is money. If you don't have it, they want to know why not, and what is wrong with you.

I believe in being the change, and that means not caring about money.

That is a true catch 22 in our cruel world.

Justin Wade, I've read your blog. The Big Dada I found was interesting, but it's been a while since I read it so I don't remember specifics. I'd recommend this read to anybody looking for intelligence.

Does "Big Dada" come in a book form, as in not electronic. Can I buy it on the Matrix public telephone booth and have it sent to my physical presence so that I can read it as a physical book? I try to limit my interweb/net/mainline connection time as much as possible. I'm still reading "Where the Wasteland ends," along with a host of others. Have you read it? A lot of it is beyond my intellectual grasp presently, but JMG recommended it in "The Druidry Handbook."

Justin said...
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Justin said...

Mr. Mcarthy,
Big Dada is an online book, the form it comes in is Matrix. I got some email from someone once about publishing a blog as a hard copy deal, but it was probably a scam so I ignored it.

Where the wasteland ends? Have not read, will have to. I don't like fiction much, the last time I picked one up, I got burned by a bunch of boring, useless information about a bunch of jackasses on a motorcycle ride. Christ almighty, I need more art or zen like I need a hole in my head. I'll add the wasteland to my wishlist, I'm putting together a little library just in case I find the time to read during my next attempted exit from the Matrix.

Synchronicity is a fun thing when treated as an inside joke. Recently met the mother of a young boy named Elijah with an interest in 1s and 0s. She was an old friend, though I hard a hard time remembering, ended up giving her an X-Chess game of mine to hand over to the little profit named boy.

To be real for a second, I should say that I do take my Zen seriously. I don't believe in the self, and that goes for Him too.

Earth spirit, heh, how the hell did he nail that one?

Over and out.

Luciddreams said...

"Where the Wasteland Ends" is non-fiction for what it's worth. Everybody has time to read a book, even if it's just ten minutes a day, or when you are taking a shit, or waiting in line at the DMV, or whatever you are doing in the Wasteland.

"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" is a great book, IMO, modern day classic. You remind me of the Tyler Durdin of Chuck Palahnuick fame with your Zen comments.

Synchronicity as an inside joke huh? I think I get what you mean. Maybe an existential synchronicity. Apparently you can print a blog. You should. What's wrong with letting somebody read your work a a physical book? It's already in book form. I'm just not going to read something to that extent online, so I'll never read it because of that. I would if it was a book I could read while undocked.

Justin said...

I could print a book out of that, but I'll save you the trouble with a good summary. That entire book can be boiled down to a few posts. I think this post I wrote on election day takes care of the gist about 10 of the chapters on politics and a half dozen or so on the environment. (You may like that one, I started stealing your idea to use the Matrix movie as a metaphorical device awhile back. I like the Big Lewbowski too.)

I tend to get messy before I get clean, and it takes a while to boil off a lot of the fluff. That Big Dada and Boutique Revolution blogs are like sketchbooks, don't waste your time valuable time reading the long form stuff. Its too wordy.

Truly a legend in my own mind, ;) but I'm not so full of myself as to actually print this shit in some crazy, internet enabled vanity of self-publishing for the right price, thereby wasting my resources of time and money and kill a bunch of trees to boot for ego to be able to say, "I'm a serious writer!" Mark it zero.

Luciddreams said...

fuck'n a dude, I gotta rash

Luciddreams said...

I read "desert the real," and I was going to comment on your site but I'm too computer illiterate to figure out how to. I tried to subscribe to the feed and ended up with your comments section added to "google reader" which I don't even use. I don't even know how to post a workable link in the comments section...what's that language called? Hyper something? Probably why I haven't been pulled out of the Matrix yet by a real life Morpheus...I wouldn't recognize the language. Strange for somebody with Aspergers to not know computers isn't it? Takes all forms I suppose.

By the way, on that diagnosis, I'm about 100% sure now...not hung up on it, but it matters to me to finally understand why I feel like an alien in the human race and always have. The portrait of a person you see here, on my blog, is not who you see in person. Not that I don't live what I say and think, just that I don't communicate well while speaking for some reason, yet in another bit of irony I made a 100% in speech in college. Maybe I should save all of this for a blog.

At any rate, your blog. Dude, I'd follow you if I could figure out how to. Thanks for being honest about Big Dada. Something about it caught my interest enough to subscribe to it when I first started blogging, but then shortly after that you ceased writing in it?

Be careful with the Big Lebowski business...I have what I call "Big Lebowski Turrets" as well...I can go on indefinitely. I'm an ordained Dudeist Priest. No really, with papers. Some fuckers flew from England making a documentary called "the odyssey of the dude" and stopped at my house for an entire day and night to film my stupid ass for the pilot. Might still be a video online in the facebook world. I'll get my wife to check for me.

Justin said...

I found an easy way to follow blogs. Go to Americana, see the blogs I follow list on the right? One of the new blogger widgets in Google embeds the rss of the blogs you follow, so they are not just static links on a blog roll, but feeds. I throw stuff on there I am following and click through when I see updates. Open up your blog settings and blogger and figure it out, its stupid simple to add to your blog.

I'm naturally suspicious of recommendations of long reading people give me out of fear that they are trying to waste my time. Its not that they know they are trying to waste my time, some of them are just trying to be helpful. Some, of course, are trying to waste your time with long diversions. Hard to tell which is which, most especially on the internet.

Don't read a word of what I write unless you need to waste some time. It sounds like you are discovering what I have, actually trying to get outside the corporate job system is pretty time intensive. Like tending a garden, figuring out how an engine works for real and how to maintain it, and so on takes time and some late nights in the garage. I need more zen and art like I need a hole in the head, so to speak.

By the way, I belong to a not for prophet organization. Have you ever read about the big lewboski? Probably the same folks that elected a dog leader of an occupation, which is brilliant.

Is that tree your wife and you planted still doing well, btw?

None Dsc 2222

Luciddreams said...

well I've got the thing added and your blog added to it, but i'm still not "following" your blog. Whatever, just another arbitrary number.

Discordianism sounds interesting, I read the synopsis on it, and I especially like this idea:

"Discordianism is centered on the idea that both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the universe by the human nervous system, and that neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other."

Definitely something to think about. It seems a rather specific explanation of the Buddhist Samsara. Spiritually speaking, for me Buddhism is enough. More specifically I find it all summed up nicely with the "perennial philosophy.":

"The Perennial Philosophy (Latin: philosophia perennis, more fully, philosophia perennis et universalis; sometimes shortened to sophia perennis or religio perennis) refers to the universal recurrence of philosophical insights throughout history (across diverse cultures) regarding the nature of reality, humanity and consciousness (anthropological universals). In particular it refers to insights of a metaphysical and mystical order which have pronounced the sacred character and origins of the universe and humanity. In contemporary discourse it designates a worldview that is opposed to the scientism of modern secular societies and which promotes the rediscovery of the wisdom traditions of the pre-secular developed world. It is also referred to as Perennialism."

However I don't belong to any "ism" or label or title. Well I suppose I've been waving the Druidry flag of late, but it's not as if I'm doing anything with it other than understanding and studying. I'm just not into dressing up for pschospritual drama theater. To me, paying attention to the natural world is enough to be a Druid in today's world. Combine that with my love of Arthurian legend and taking Druid symbols like the Tribann to heart, and it's enough for me to say that I'm a Druid. Still, it's not an "ism" ;0)

I understand what you mean about book suggestions. I work on an intuitive book reading basis. I sort of allow books to materialize through reading other books. It's like I'm following a scent on a trail. Only to find out that it's the scent of myself.

How do you know about that tree we planted? It's still alive, but a month or so after we planted it all of the leaves disappeared. I think it may have been eaten by locust or something? Not sure, but it is still alive. We'll see in the spring.