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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Peak Oil in the Mainstream?

Just saw this news article while checking my email.  It seems that Sandy is forcing the issue.  I expect there will be a lot of people waking up to the reality of a civilization that has painted itself into a corner by requiring a limited resource on a finite planet for its existence.  I wonder if there are other stories similar to this one out there in mainstream hologram land?  I'd go looking but it's not worth it to me.  One must limit one's exposure to the hologram so as to not get sucked back.  Anyways, here's the yahoo news link.  I figured I'd share it now before it gets pulled due to too much truth being reported. 

Here's the last two write ups from the article.  It reads like PO fiction.

DENVILLE, N.J.—The temperatures are dropping and tempers are flaring here in northern New Jersey.
Residents are siphoning gas out of parked car. Gas lines stretch seemingly for miles. As fast as I help one friend find gas, there are three more in a panic that they can't find gas! This will certainly be compounded as the temperatures will be in the high 20s tonight and a winter storm capable of bringing snow is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. People in New Jersey are losing their cool
Police are monitoring the gas stations up here in Morris County as people cut lines and tempers flare. My sister watched two men fist-fight over line-cutting last night at a gas station in Parsippany.
— Gioia Degenaars
Why the mess? Have we not learned anything?
BRIDEWATER, N.J.—We got power back Thursday evening, but parts of my neighborhood are still without power. Five days have gone by and this level of response and action is very lackluster and frustrating.
There are long lines for gas. My husband has to travel 45 miles each way to get to work, and he is running on half a tank of gas. He has been looking to fill up since Wednesday, but no luck. He can't even find air for the tires.
And there are people who are driving up to Pennsylvania to get gas. It's easily a 50- to 55-mile trek. If you are already low on gas, even that trek is impossible. How many can afford to skip work because they are low on gas?
Then you hear about the situation in Staten Island and parts of Manhattan: It just adds to the frustration people are already feeling. I have heard many, even the usually laissez-faire folks, ask questions about why there is no talk about alternative energy sources and energy back-up plan for the country and for other states.
It is hard to believe that we are in this situation after living through 9/11 and Katrina. Have we not learned anything?
— Bhumika Ghimire

  "Have we not learned anything?"  Apparently not.  First you need to wake up to the lie you've been spoon fed by the hologram.   Then you need to learn some elementary awareness.  Infinite growth on a finite planet does not work well.  I'd like to hope that the people suffering from Sandy will open up their eyes and let the truth in, but I'm too pessimistic to believe that...even on my most optimistic day. 

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Jason Heppenstall said...

Yup, I read a story about someone pulling a gun on another driver who cut in front of him.

Let's hope at least a few more people take the situation seriously now. One can only hope ...