Truth Against the World

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Stone at Fox Haven

This is going to be a short update with an expanded version as time permits.  I've been very busy with moving seven years worth of domesticated trappings along with a garage full of "retail" that my wife has busied herself with "picking" over those seven years.  We've got enough to run a small business selling needful things to people.

I suppose the permaculture heaven I've got growing in my brain has officially started.  I built a rickety composter out of scrap wood and placed it in the center of where the annual garden beds are going to be.  I plan on making the beds into a very large tribann and using stones in it's creation...eventually.  This year I'll probably have to use scrap wood on the cheap and then build the stones around it...the wood will eventually decompose and become soil.  The composter has become the "stone" in the middle of the Fox Haven.  I thought about that a little and find it to be fitting and symbolic.  In Druidry, stone is the symbol for Earth.  Stone breaks down over time and becomes soil.  A composter builds soil, and so I find that it works pretty well.  

I haven't spent much time at all online since the move.  The Matrix lost it's temporary hold when I made the move.  I've got to say that I enjoy life greatly without the use of the net...makes life much simpler and that's at the heart of the point to what I'm doing.  I haven't even read the last two Archdruid Reports since the official resignation.  I'm in the middle of four books that I haven't touched since the move as well.  Eventually things will settle and I'll get back to lurking online.  Writing will take precedence.

I'm thinking of taking pictures of the progress here at the stone and sharing with all who care to see.  My plans are to sell fermented hotsauce, all manner of kraut, and some fermented beverages such as mead and hard ciders made out of various fruits I have access to.  I've got two mature apple trees (of the large variety) a pear tree, and several crab apple trees.  Not on this land, but on my mother-in-laws.  The 14 acres ended up being a wash for various reasons so it looks like the goats aren't going to least not here.  However I have 1.6 acres that will be willed to my wife and I with no large trees to soak up the sun's rays...and it's all fenced in.  1.6 acres is plenty of land to produce more food than my small tribe will need with plenty left to turn into value added fermentations. 

So that's it for now...I'll be sure to share my progress with ya'll and I will eventually get back to blogging regularly...maybe even on a schedule.  Don't forget about me cause I plan on being active with blogging again.


William Hunter Duncan said...

I think a photo log of progress would be a wonderful thing. What is fermented hot sauce? And, I suspect the fermenters of the world are going to be like a national treasure, or at least a regional one.

Luciddreams said...

fermented hot sauce is how tabasco makes their sauce...pretty much just pepper pulp and salt left to it's own demise in a sealed my case it's gonna be 50 gal pickle containers...I least one 50 gal container this year.

chela said...

stumbled on your blog thru The Archdruid Report. "resonates" is all i can say...on profound levels. very intrigued and inspired. please keep posting updates and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Luciddreams said...

chela, it's my pleasure. Are you just talking about my last blog or my blog in general? I'm curious

chela said...


Your blog in general. I read all of the posts over the last 2 weeks and there are many parallels in your processes and experiences with my own, including some that are in the works.

You've written recently about synchronistic happenings, setting intention and things manifesting, "a thousand helping hands" as Joe Campbell called it. I feel that way about discovering your blog.

Underneath the idealistic indignation (how well I know that emotion!) is a sublime pathos expressed with humility and humor. It's very honest and playful writing.

Undoubtedly, the adjustment to a more authentic and sustainable life with a family in tow has its bumps but I hope the rewards are already more than making up for any snafus. Perhaps in a future post a bit about how the family is adjusting...

And pictures of the work thus far would be great! Tho I do know that often a garden comes together in a very un-photogenic way... so no pressure here. Maybe just enjoy tending it! It's deeply healing work...better than any chill pill. Speaking of healing and pills, have you thought about growing herbs to make medicines with?

Definitely looking forward to more posts!

Luciddreams said...

About the medicinal herbs...yes actually!!! The herb garden is my priority and the bed has already been built out of granite rock that I procured.

Thank you for the compliments and interest. I'm honored that my writing and experience has that much meaning to you.

I'm working on another blog here and there...I used to just sit down and pound them out in 20 minutes or so with only one quick edit for major spelling and syntax my writing seems to be more intentional and slow...shadowing the changes in my life.

I've recently realized that I have intentionally walked down the Green Wizard fact have been since JMG's Green Wizard meme started. As intentional as my life has been over the last few years especially, there is still much that I didn't understand about my choices, and those ramifications are slowly sprouting in front of me on that Green Wizard path.

I've found that I'm a lot less angry about the world now that I have dropped out of least the my wife calls it.

Thank you again, and I'll be posting some pictures in the next day or well as another blog expounding on...well...this comment. I'm glad to have you around.