Truth Against the World

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Epiphany Now Photojournal 2

We had a fire in the center of the first bed...Ayden Zen is my son's name...we read that Ayden is Gaelic for "little fire."

long exposure...think the shutter was on 15 seconds...soul leaves body

Drawn in with an adult beverage...corn beer

Wendy was doing a long exposure and I walked by looking for something with my light unknowing

we started playing after we realized what we inadvertently did

I received a truck load of free horse manure mixed with pine shavings

She paid the price for the free rocks...I was messing with my seedlings and she fell and her arm landed on the large granite rock behind her and snapped off...

the above horse manure with half a yard of potting soil I purchased for 25 dollars...I hate it, but I had to do it

I mixed horse manure with my compost pile

it's was 1 in that afternoon when I took this picture

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