Truth Against the World

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Biologically our purpose is to procreate. To continually exist seems to be the purpose of life. All things living attempt to live as long as possible and they all must know, on some level at least, that they are going to die. This knowledge is the push in procreation. You leave a part of you living when you die. To maximize this we have the innate desire to procreate as much as Our brains are wired in such a way that we are greatly rewarded for the act of sex by way of bliss. Who could argue that an orgasm is not the closest thing to bliss they have ever experienced. Why is that true? This being accepted as true makes a certain vantage point necessary. That vantage point is believing in evolution. Yet God himself said to "be fruitful and multiply". Then again he directed us to be monogamous so how fruitful did he mean? Evolution on the other hand.

If it is agreed that our biological purpose is to live as long as possible, and to multiply, than it would seem that having as much sex possible would be the highest pentacle of fulfilling our purpose. That means as many partners as possible. From an evolutionary perspective the point to sex is procreation. Which is a good thing because otherwise being a porn star would be the most biologically fulfilling profession one could have. This all makes sense but it can't be true. I refuse to believe that my purpose is fulfilled via insemination. What does insemination have to do with anything other than an orgasm, procreation and the closest thing to bliss our body is capable of providing to us naturally?

This is why I believe in consciousness beyond the meat we inhabit. If one knuckle dragger is just as capable of fulfilling our purpose as the next knuckle dragger than why do we have thought to begin with? The evolutionist would probably say that thought enabled us to out wit and out plan the knuckle dragger a couple of caves over (well that, and more importantly it enabled us to figure out how to make that large beast fit into our stomachs). Thus our ability to think only evolved to ensure our ability to inseminate. Again I can't believe that. I do believe in evolution and so it follows that I have to believe that as much sex as possible is my destiny, but I don't. I'm living a lie! I'm made a hypocrite because I won't believe the truth. Or maybe there is more to it?

Faith. And what does faith have to do with an erection? Well I'm fixin' to tell you. I have faith that consciousness desires more from us than just the ole in and out. Rather, I have faith that there is more to consciousness than just the unending desire to...aheem..bust one (or many as it were). It's obvious that procreation is in consciousnesses best interest. Everything with awareness replicates itself. Indeed this seems to be a crucial aspect of life. However this is the bare minimum required for awareness to continue. In order for purpose to emerge there has to be more to consciousness than simple procreation. Maybe a definition will help.


[pur-puhs] Show IPA noun, verb,-posed, -pos·ing.
the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.
an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.

Unfortunately I'm not so sure this is going to help much. Purpose is the reason for which something exists. So what is the reason why we exists? I think I've already determined that biologically that reason is simply to continue to exists for as long as possible. If we exists than it follows that we are supposed to exists and should therefore assist in that process to the best of our ability. It's not lookin' to good for purpose beyond the sack.

Maybe the second definition can shine some light on this dilemma. What is our intended result as a species? Thus far it would appear that our intended result has been to pump as much petroleum out of the ground as we possibly can with the expressed purpose of turning all living matter into corn while screwing each other. If that is our purpose than we have succeeded admirably and the aliens can come delete us at any time now. I hardly feel that our purpose has been to mainline liquid high fructose petroleum sugar via plastic catheters in our veins.

It's beginning to shape up to our purpose being all bound up in our genitals. How disturbing this is to my sense of intelligence. I think the conclusion that can be drawn here is that if you want there to be more purpose to existence than you have to have faith in that idea. We want there to be more purpose than floating around on a space rock bangin' each other. It is a desire most of us have for there to be more meaning to life than procreation. My logic is pretty healthy, and it's only able to arrive at the purpose for life being to exist for as long as possible. Procreation is an extension of existing. Every life process revolves around this end goal. Still, I don't believe that is my only purpose.

Without believing in a creator or higher levels of consciousness or some other spiritual idea, your left with biological purposes only. There is a choice to be made here. Are you willing to believe there is more to life than sex? Do you have a need to believe that? Logic won't get you there. Only faith will. If you need more than the determinism of biology than you must decide for yourself what you believe. Logically the next question would be what is faith? That's a loaded question that I will explore with you.

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