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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Overcoming the Matrix of Delusions

Cypher and Agent Smith

In many ways the movie "The Matrix" mirrors what has become true about the 21st century. It's a movie, so naturally the story is over sensationalized and fictional. In many real ways machines are running the show by our over dependence on them. Machines are pretty much responsible for keeping us alive. Our dependence starts with the extraction of petroleum sugar all the way to the delivery of said sugar to our pie holes. Just this one fact enables the lesser evolved of us to replicate continuously for personal low-grade financial gain. Then there are all of the machines that make the information age possible from cell phones provided for free to lap tops and ibooks. Then to tie it all together you can't forget about all of the personal transportation machines that are responsible entirely for our way of life. I don't think we are in any danger of having our metabolism harvested by evil machines, but we are overly dependent on them nonetheless, and they seem to highlight the majority of our existence these days.

Like the Matrix, the truth is hidden from us in plan daylight. MSM keeps up the misinformation because they have been bought and paid for and because they genuinely believe their nonsense. They are owned by the oligarchs. Our world has willfully taken the blue pill. The scene where Cypher is enjoying his fillet minon while knowing that it's not real is a perfect representation for our political leaders. I suppose they could just be that stupid, and they really don't know how ineffectual and pointless they have become. I believe the act of willfully ignoring the truth because it's uncomfortable is the highest form of delusion. The collective apathetic ignorance has enabled the delusion which has created the modern Matrix of deceit.

Unless you have recently lost your job and then house, than you are probably chugging along in the bubble of your delusion ignoring all of the dead suffering just outside the perimeter of your wishful thinking. Large things that don't work have been winding up for decades in our supposed democratic republic ruled by capitalism. These things have a lot of potential energy and they are beginning to sag with weight. Entire states are on the verge of bankruptcy and the federal government's monopoly money game is just about over. We have been artificially propped up by the Bankster's trillion dollar bailouts. Well, at least they gave the states a couple hundred billion dollars, a mere pittance when gauged against the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates's personal fortunes. The top 1% of our population possesses nearly 50% of the wealth of this country. Nothing new I suppose. What has been new for the last 200 years or so is the hallucination that America has mortgaged their soul to believe. The hallucination that somehow we are better because we can all collectively believe that we are free. We are not free. Cut up your credit cards and stop paying taxes and see how free you will become. You will become free to set up a cardboard box in a back alley somewhere. If your lucky you can find a free source of heat to sleep near in your free cardboard box. Grow the wrong plant in your backyard and watch the helicopters spend millions of dollars taking you to prison.

Well, of course you can always sign up for food stamps and unemployment. Your government will be happy to fund your petroleum sugar lifestyle. You'll have to make friends with bed bugs, cockroaches, Cracky McCrackerson, and base music but you won't have to do a damn thing. If you don't want the welfare junky lifestyle you can join the military. There you will most likely succumb to brain washing and be reprogrammed to excel at breaking legs and punching holes in brown people's flesh with high velocity lead. If you can remember lots of information at once, they will teach you how to stand around in 140 degree engine rooms while overseeing the splitting of atoms while dropping bombs on brown people's caves. Another option is that you can work for the man. You know the one where you hang up your mind on the mind rack right next to the time clock cause you ain't gonna need it for the rest of your shift. A small portion of us actually get to succeed at some type of entrepreneurial venture providing some type of service that people are willing to pay for, but those are by far the minority of our society. One thing is for sure, you probably are never going to be among that 1% no matter how hard you try. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody who's part of the club.

The hard fact of the matter is that there are too many people. We created machines to run on petroleum. Petroleum is essentially manna from heaven in energy terms. It's literally the closest substance to God on the planet. It is sunlight in liquid form. We created machines to run on it and to turn it into petroleum sugar. We run on petroleum sugar. There is a lot of it and so there is now a lot of us to reflect that abundance of extra sunlight. Problem is that it took millions of years for the Earth's biosphere to create that stored sunlight. All of our problems are a direct reflection of this one mistake. Our Matrix was created by our use of petroleum.

This world that we have created with all of the surplus energy is a fantasy. It's a blip on the radar of human experience. It's also the most massive lie ever perpetrated by the human race on itself. It became a lie when the leaders of the world found out that petroleum was not going to be around forever and then did nothing about it. M.K. Hubbert predicted in 1956 that America would peak in the late 60's early 70's. He was proven right in 1970 when America's domestic oil supply peaked. Instead of going to space we should have designed a sustainable way of life. We are all slaves to that blip on the human experience radar now. The same thing is going to happen to the world oil supply. We are going to run out of recoverable petroleum sugar.

Nobody wants to take the red pill.

"Go back to bed America your government has figured it out."

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John said...

Yes, but where does find the Red Pill that enables one to wake up? Both individually, one at a time, and collectively too.

Especially as we are ALL unconsciously trapped and embedded in the consensus "world"-view or collective trance state. Despite our best intentions ALL of us act in one way or another to reinforce the collective trance-state.

IT is ALL a vast pattern patterning. A klik-klak machine. A checker-board extending infinitely in all directions. A never ending supply of potential experiences, both positive and negative.

In the Matrix film the power of the machine paradigm was only broken when Neo fulfilled the prophecy associated with his appearance and destiny - and thus broke the power of the machine trance-state at its root. The klik-klak machine/generator.

Otherwise the machines would have won. Indeed the machines were on the cusp of winning their war against the human resistance.