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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Stolen Blog

This blog was actually intended to be a comment following this blog  which posed the question "A Divine Universe" as it's title.  The name of the blog is "Off the Grid in Minneapolis," which I found by reading the Arch Druid report.  Apparently you can only write 4096 characters on a google blog comment.  I wonder how they arrived at that particular number?  At any rate, I figured I'd just post this as a blog and then link to it under the comment section of William Hunter Duncan's blog. He is an excellent writer, and if you are looking for a thought provoking read I highly recommend you check it out.  His latest blog inspired me to muddle through this rather stolen  

Let me just say that as an EMT I've seen the end result of not wearing a helmet.  In SC, the state I live in, it's legal to ride a motorcycle with flip flops on your feat and no helmet.  The body is resilient, but metal and asphalt win every time.  It's a wise decision that you have made to keep your brains secure in your cranial vault.

I was just commenting on FB about Science's hubris.  A friend of mine posted this ‎"what happens to faith and belief in a fully explained world/universe?"  It was on a show called "curiosity: did God create the universe" on the Discovery channel.  The first thing that comes to mind is the audacity of this thinking.  I've been reading a philosophy 101 book that I kept from one of my many attempts at "higher education".  It's interesting to see how the Empiricist got a foot hold on framing reality.  Philosophy is not a science really, it's sort of a pre-science to my mind.  Every honest scientific venture should have to pass through the filter of philosophy...unfortunately this is not the case.  I think that's where the hubristic thinking comes.  Science has one a place in the collective mind that mostly presupposes that everything is capable of being broken down and explained via science.  But science is just a method for exploring the physical world, and it does have limitations.  Personally I think "sting theory" is rather ridiculous, and I also think that "Quantum Theory" is true and anyone taking science seriously should be forced to reevaluate their scientific presuppositions.  They don't because they have faith in Science just as the religious have faith in their chosen religion.

But they claim logic and reason is on their side.  They claim this while ignoring the philosophy that predated their beloved science.  Socrates's entire point was that he did not know, and neither do you, but contemplating the answer is a worth while endeavor.  In the end one must decide what one believes based on one's own mind.  Ask a scientist what started the big bang to begin with if their so logical.  Explain that logically.  They can't do it.  It's no different than believing in a creator God.  God came from nothing as did the big bang and to my mind it really doesn't matter.  I answer the question of how something came from nothing by saying that there never was a beginning.  Consciousness IS and has always been.  Infinite is a faulty idea because it's a paradox by it's very definition.  Infinity cannot exist because it cannot express itself as finite.  This is an idea I recently came across while watching a documentary titled "The Nature of Existence" (it's available for instant download on netflix if you have it and it's worth the watch).

Yes, that makes sense to me, and it was this particular Rabbi's answer to the question of how an omniscient and omnipresent God can create a finite existence.  Personally I don't believe in God, at least not as God is known to religion.  I believe in the same thing as God but that word has lost it's meaning.  I agree with the Buddha who when asked "does God exist" said "it does not matter."  It really does not matter and at any rate we can't know until we die, and even then we may never know.  Intellectually we are all agnostic whether we choose to accept that or not.

To my mind an intellectual is somebody who exhibits the characteristic employed in Aristotle's words:  "the mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it."  He may very well have said the mark of an intelligent mind.  I'll take it a step further and say that an intellect is somebody who can follow that advice while realizing that in the end one must choose to believe in something.  In fact one has no choice because even a nihilist believes in nothing...which is something, isn't it?  Nothing doesn't exist just like infinity doesn't exist.  Yet in those ideas the infinite is expressed and it's full with it's own emptiness.

Your words were well received by myself.  In a way my idea of spirituality has been expanded by reading them, so thank you for that.  It's quite a feat to get those scientist to explain how something came from nothing.  Personally I won't carry on with them unless they seriously ponder that question with me.  Most want to sweep it under the rug and then go on to claim their intellectual superiority.  I'm with Socrates and I love the Socratic Method.  Wow you're smart, but wait you're an worries, so am I.  Let's see if you and me can put our heads together and come up with something that is not idiotic.  Do you care to be honest with yourself, or do you want to remain with your head in the infinite universe of your ass?  I apologize for the long winded comment, but this is a subject in which I can go on about infinitely.

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William Hunter Duncan said...


(I presume you are speaking rhetorically, to the scientist who has his head up his infinite ass, and not me.) What is that old saying: understanding begins when you realize you don't understand much of anything? Yeah, this is a fine topic for conversation, over craft beers, until we get drunk and decide that we are right back where we started, glittering as we piss out our profundity, and collapse into dreams.

Blessings, and thanks for the kind words.