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Monday, July 4, 2011

Psychosomatic BAU

There is a pervasive blindness that has infected humanity. It's an invisible epidemic a million times more potent than the chicken/swine/lizard flu and with no vaccine on the horizon. To those of us who are immune to it we can only weep at how unnecessary the infection is. There is no vaccine because this disease that is so contagious and spreading exponentially is one of psychosomatic origin. The disease is of human origin but it has spread to the biosphere and it's symptoms include, but are not limited to, massive amounts of atypical water patterns, severe weather, and species extinction. The idea that the root of this disease is anything but psychosomatic is false. There is a very real way to stop the disease before it leads to the undoing of life on Earth. We might as well call this disease Business as Usual, or BAU for short. Which in itself is ironic when measured on the time scale of life on Earth rather than human life. It's really only BAU for the last century of human history, but none the less it's business as usual now.

The proof of this disease is a rather simple measurement. I'm no geologist or climate scientist. I have a limited understanding about the complexities of our biospheres interdependency on stable energy movements and elemental balances, but I have stumbled upon the cure for this psychosomatic nonsense regardless of my own ignorance. At the dawn of our industrial civilization, atmospheric carbon dioxide has been estimated to have been approximately 280 ppm.  It is currently 394.35 ppm. This has caused the global temperature to increase by approximately 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit. However, before I start down this road I'm going to stop. The point of this essay is not to convince anybody that global warming is real and anthropogenic in nature. There are countless books written on the proof of this truth. I'm interested more in exploring why the status quo is not up in arms about the fact that we are destroying the only home that we have.

There is no conspiracy perpetrated by the left to take your first born child from you. There is simply good science to support the fact that we are destroying the climate conditions required for life to flourish on Earth via anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Yet the majority of the population in the United States does not believe in AGW or does not know, or care, that it is a problem. Let me give an example of the present insanity inherent in our stupidity as a species:

Pretend we are on a spaceship along with all of the other species of the known universe. Everybody seems to be getting along just fine. The climate inside the space craft is regulated and on autopilot. A small majority of the occupants of this space craft, a species known as the Amorcenz, decide that they are not satisfied with their sufficient living quarters any longer. They decide to start building new living quarters by cannibalizing the walls of the space craft for extra materials to make their living arrangements larger and more luxurious. Now there is only a limited amount of room and materials on this space craft, so in order for the Amorcenz to better their living arrangements they must essentially steal space from the other inhabitants. On top of this stealing of real estate, they also steal the materials which compose the commons. At first it's no big deal because they cannibalize the interior walls of the craft first. But then they start using the inner materials of the walls, which are the materials in place to protect the inhabitants from the radiation of space. Overall health begins to decline for all of the species of the space craft due to radiation sickness. All species get sick except for the Amorcenz who's new quarters protect them from radiation. All of the species of the craft call a meeting to put a stop to the elite few's activities before the exterior walls of the craft are breached. The elite few, the Amorcenz, show up to the meeting drunk. They vehemently deny that their activities have anything to do with the radiation sickness. No agreement is reached because the Amorcenz have grown use to their larger and more luxurious quarters that have been built by the theft of the commons. Many meetings are called and eventually the Amorcenz stop coming to them. This continues until the day the exterior wall is breached resulting in the atmosphere of the ship disappearing and killing all inhabitants of the craft, including the Amorcenz. Essentially this scenario is no different than what the "first world" inhabitants of planet Earth are doing right now. Just think of the Earth as a space craft, which it arguably is. Why would any species willingly kill themselves as well as every other species of a planet? It just doesn't make any type of sense.

The best explanation I have come across is one thought out by James Howard Kunstler. He says that it can be explained by "the psychology of previous investment." At this point we have created a living arrangement that requires planetary devastation. The destruction of Earth is part of the inherent design of suburbia. Suburbia is a car centric living arrangement. Essentially our love of the automobile is going to destroy us all. When you look at the psychology of the car you can really see how insane this all is. The car is the technological evolution of the horse. It's the freedom that Americans have been literally dieing to protect. However, that freedom is not real. You are free to get in your car and drive on roads to places where you are not free in any real sense. You have to work for this illusion of freedom. You have to work a job where you are forced to pee into a cup. To have this freedom you have to pay by way of car payment, insurance, gasoline, maintenance cost on the car. Also you must pay via multiples of different taxes such as gasoline, road, and infrastructure taxes. Not to mention the vast national wealth that must be squandered on a global military to guarantee access to gasoline in the first place since we no longer have enough of our own to fuel this insanity. And none of this talks about all of the people that have to die so that we can continue this miserable existence.

What are we working so hard for? Why are we supporting this nonsense? Is air conditionig, fast food, zoloft, and television really worth destroying everything for? I mean none of that is really very rewarding to begin with. Air conditioning is nice, but it's not necessary. Humans existed for hundreds of thousands of years before it just fine. Fast food causes obesity, diabetes, and heart short it kills us slowly. Zoloft rewires our brain chemistry and causes "suicidal thoughts," along with all of the other frankenchemicals hussled on us by the pharmaceutical demons to combat original suicidal thoughts. And television? What is the point of television other than to numb yourself of all the underlying currents of unease brought to your psyche via the service of this rotten mess to begin with? The entire living arrangement that has been paid for by the sacrifices of our lives does not even provide any real joy to us. It provides a relative physical comfort via air conditioning when it's hot and heat when it's cold. We have sold the future of life on Earth so that we can stay at a constant temperature of about 72 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate the growth of adipose tissue. We don't even want the adipose tissue to begin with. There is a very large industry to prove that we don't want the adipose tissue. There are legions of diets, pills, and gym memberships to prove it.

I would love for somebody to explain to me why we are doing this to ourselves and the rest of the species of Earth if not due to this disease of BAU. It seems that we are powerless to do anything about it because of the psychosomatic characteristic of BAU and the psychology of previous investment. At this point we have grown used to the dysfunction and dis-ease of BAU. The elite few , the Amorcenz featured in my example, have made off with all of the loot of the commons. Our disease has blinded us to this plunder, it has made us accept it as the best course of action. Now we are in the final chapters of the destruction our collective psychosomatic disease has wrought upon us. We have lost all of our senses to it. We can no longer even see the damage for what it is. It's just more Business as usual. And in our desperate sadness we thank the Amorcenz for the gift of death that they bring us. We have become so miserable that death seems like the only mercy we have left. We have become so saddened that we are thankful for our sadness. We mistake our disease for happiness. We are to fat and tired because of the incessant servitude to the system to do anything about it. The only happiness we have left is the synthetic happiness we can all create by ignoring the reality of our collective insanity.  The cure is just too painful for our crippled psyches to accept.  We'd rather die than grow healthy.  

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